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Video Email: What Is It, and When to Use It

It’s the end of another quarter. Maybe your sales are low and slow, your current accounts aren’t expanding, or you need something to help your team jazz up their current process. What should you do? Use video email!

Video email is a new form of communication that thousands of companies are jumping into. A video email platform benefits both your team and your clients as it drives engagement through innovation and personalization.

Sure, you can use video email for marketing; however, it works even better as a sales tool. Video email will motivate your sales team, increase sales frequency, and expand your existing accounts. With this new addition to your outreach, sales reps are able break up the monotony of faceless phone calls and non-personal emails by adding a personal touch with video.

The magic of video email

When you’re browsing social media, how much more likely are you to watch a quick video than you are to read a paragraph of text? Video is by far more attractive and engaging than any other form of media. Better yet, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Yeah, we realize this is a little ironic, but hear us out. 

Video email gives you and your recipients the flexibility and convenience of an email, yet still has the personal connection component of a zoom meeting. If your company isn’t on board with the rising trends and changing times, you could be left behind.

What is video email? 

Good question! Rather than writing a plain text email, you would use your webcam and record your message as you would in person. This way, you put a face to a name and add a sense of humanization to your emails. Typically, these are short, one-off videos, and are highly personalized for each recipient. You can share these videos at ease via email, text, or on social media and recipients will watch your video on a branded landing page, accompanied by clickable call-to-action buttons. 

Receiving your first video email is a magical experience in itself! A video email is similar to a traditional email you would receive, however, a video is embedded directly within the message. When you open up the email in your inbox – the video immediately captures your attention and encourages you to click and watch. Voila! It truly is as simple as that.

Learning how to email a video from your iPhone or even how to embed a video in an email is a tedious task. To send videos via email or just send a video, you’re going to need software to embed a video in an email for you. 

Meet Covideo

Covideo is a platform to send video emails, but boy, it is so much more. Some additional features include video analytics, CRM integrations, a mobile app, screen recorder, caption maker, video merger, and Gmail & Outlook add-ins. 

Recording and sending a video is seamless when using Covideo’s software. First, record a new video within the platform, or upload an existing video from your phone or computer. Then, you can email it out directly from Covideo, or you can copy & paste it into your personal email or CRM. 

It is not possible to autoplay video in your email, however, you can make your video thumbnail an animated gif. This clickable, animated snapshot takes your viewers to a sleek, professional video email template. A video email template is basically like a one-stop-shop for your viewers. Add call-to-action buttons, your business name, or number to help make a positive impression on your recipients.

We do the heavy lifting, leaving you to create the content that matters. Forget about wasting time looking for how to email a long video or the best way to email a video—Covideo has your back.

When to use video email instead of a plain-text message

1. When you need to stand out from other email communication
Our inboxes are flooded, and very rarely do we click and read the entirety of every email that comes our way. Implementing video into your sales process automatically differentiates you from your competition and helps you break through the noise of a crowded inbox.

2. When you need to make a positive impression
Fifty-six percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service when a personalized experience is created. Remember when Coca Cola added first names to their cans? While Coca Cola consumption was on a decade of decline,  The “Share a Coke” campaign led to a 2% increase in sales, resulting in an additional 200 million cans sold per year. Adding a small touch of personalization can make a big impact. 

3. When you need to increase response rates
Personalized video creates a human, person-to-person connection. Your recipients see that you take the time to write their names on a whiteboard, and they feel an emotional response when they hear you understand their pain points and have a solution to offer.

4. When you need to build trust
Gaining customer trust is a crucial indicator that often leads to a sale. With video, you have gifted the tools to succeed. Being in front of the camera immediately puts a face to the name. This adds a comfortability level and allows for a stronger relationship to be built between the two parties. You can also personalize your video and your message for your recipient, which creates a strong impression on your behalf.

Can I send a video email for free?

Alright, alright, you’re sold and ready to get started. But how? Covideo offers a free 14-day trial with full access to our platform which includes video hosting, CRM integrations, mobile app, and Gmail and Outlook add-ins.

With a 14-day risk-free trial, you can start creating engaging media pieces that will set your company apart. Spend time developing a remarketing strategy like a video newsletter, or better yet, grow a people-centered base prospecting strategy. 

Or, if you want to learn more about how to use video email in your business communication, request a demo and someone from our team will show you the ropes. 

Lights, camera, action!

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