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Video Email: Not Like Regular Email

With each passing day, video becomes a more and more ubiquitous part of our lives – thanks in no small part to the digital revolution we’re currently living through. As broadband Internet has become commonplace across the country, smartphones have become more popular (and powerful) at the same time – creating something of a perfect storm for video communication.

On a daily basis, people rely on video platforms like FaceTime and Skype to communicate and collaborate with one another. Video on social media and even free video email for Gmail have become the new norm. All of this allows both brands and consumers alike to tap into some of the major benefits of video as a format. Not only is it easy to understand and something like a Gmail video email is incredibly easy to receive, but it’s also a great way to inject emotion into a conversation where it was sorely lacking.

On the subject of video email platforms, understand that email in general is still one of our main methods of communication – especially in a business setting. The ability to send video email free is undeniably convenient. In truth, communicating via video email is a genuine game changer for businesses and represents the type of technological opportunity that really only comes along once in a generation.

All aspects of a business utilize email, so the benefits of upgrading to something like video email for Outlook are enormous. In addition to helping you stand out more in sales and get more traction on your emails, but the format also makes it easier to get your message across, too. Something as seemingly simple as sending a video email Gmail also allows you to support your customers on their own terms. But you need to be able to leverage more than just Google video email – you must be able to use this format on ALL email platforms, so it doesn’t actually matter what your current selection happens to be.

Covideo, for example, is a platform built to allow you to do precisely that. By allowing you to record, send and track your video emails, your current email service becomes the best video email service almost by default. All told, Covideo is commonly used in all areas of a business – but especially in sales, service and support, marketing and even for internal communication. To send video email not only easily, but in a way that also finally puts a face to the name, is an opportunity that is far too important to overlook.

Sending a Video Email

The process of how to create a video email will understandably vary depending on exactly which platform you’re talking about. The steps you’ll go through in terms of how to add video in Outlook email body will naturally be a bit different than how to send video in Gmail or even how to send a video through email from phone or other mobile devices – meaning that usually you have a lot of different processes to learn in a short amount of time.

Covideo, on the other hand, is built to help you cut through the clutter in a way that makes this process easier than ever. Creating compelling email video is as easy as logging in, clicking “record” and then copying and pasting your video into the body of your email. Check out the step by step process for the many ways to send video messages with Covideo.

If you are using a desktop, for example, you can record videos right from your desk using your computer’s webcam. There is a video email extension available for any browser you happen to be using – like the video email Chrome extension or the free video email for Outlook option. This helps make things even easier than they already were.

Covideo also has an innovative mobile app that lets you record and send the video right from your mobile device while you’re on the go. At that point, you can insert video clip into Outlook email messages anywhere, at any time.

Embedding a Video

At this point, it’s important to note that when you use Covideo, you also embed video in email messages in a natural and organic way. This means that the video actually sends within the body of the email, NOT as a separate attachment that someone has to download.

The issue with most techniques used to embed video in Outlook email 2016, for example, is that there are size specifications for that video. If a separate attachment is too large, you won’t be able to include it – or your message could get caught in SPAM filters.

When you embed video link in Outlook email, on the other hand, you can send large files and decrease the chances that your message will get incorrectly labeled as SPAM.

Likewise, when the video is embedded in the email, Covideo sends it as an automated gif – meaning that it will autoplay video in Outlook email automatically. Not only does this feature instantly grab the attention of the recipient, but it increases the chances that your message will be heard in the first place. With an attachment at the very bottom of an email message, you’re talking about something that is far too easy to overlook or miss – we’ve all done it. You can use video links or even embed Vimeo video in Outlook email and all other platforms – the choice is truly yours.

Email Subject Lines

But at the same time, you must also be aware that oftentimes including a video alone isn’t enough to get the job done. Yes, this is a compelling way to capture someone’s attention once they have opened your message – but if they don’t open that message at all, you’re out of luck.

Enter: video email subject lines, which are among the most important tools you have in terms of creating a message that someone can’t look away from. This is the element that is among the first things someone sees when they open their email application, so it’s safe to say that the stakes here are quite high.

Having a strong, engaging subject line when sending an email is important because that’s what will ultimately encourage someone to open that message and begin reading. All subject lines should have a direct indication of what that message is actually about. On that basis, a subject line for collaboration email messages would understandably be different from reminder email subject lines or something of that nature. Subject lines also vary depending on how well people know each other and in terms of factors like the seriousness of the topic. If you’re just reaching out and making contact with someone for the first time, good email subject lines for introduction would understandably be different from good email subject lines for someone you’ve known for years. Likewise, email subject lines for work would have a different tone than newsletter subject lines examples.

Likewise, you’ll always want to include the word “video” in the email subject line when you are sending a video email message. Video email subject lines let people know right away that there is some type of special content in the email and that it’s NOT just a regular message. Hinting at this is a great way to make the recipient even more curious about what you’re sending, thus giving them even more motivation to open it.

In the end, the importance of video email for your business is something that cannot and should not be overlooked. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for your sales teams to connect with more leads in meaningful and intimate ways, but it’s also a great chance to truly stand out against your competitors by adding a personal touch to the sales process where one has historically been sorely lacking.

Video email is also a terrific opportunity to make internal communications more convenient and engaging, too – thus making it easier for your employees to collaborate with one another. It’s also a great way to guarantee that everyone in your organization is always on the same page, meaning that they’re always moving forward in the same direction on all critical projects as well.

Video email is also a great way to build trust and display empathy in the service and support sector – which may ultimately be the most important benefit of all. Remember that you’re ultimately talking about a communication technique that really didn’t exist as recently as a decade ago – at least not in its current form. It would be an absolute shame not to take full advantage of it, and that’s exactly what our platform was built to help you do.

If you’d like to find out more information about the importance of video emails for your business, or if you have any additional questions about Covideo and the impact it can have on the way you communicate both internally and externally, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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