Video in the Jewelry Industry

How to Use Video in the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry’s value never ceases to increase.
According to FitSmallBusiness, The United States is the world’s top consumer of jewelry, with a market volume of $1.7 trillion in 2017.
To succeed and have a fair share in this industry, small businesses have to put in additional effort.
If you’re trying to distinguish yourself from the others, showcase what you have, and represent your brand and tradition, using video in the jewelry industry should be one of the focus points in your marketing strategy.
We’ve compiled some of our tips and tricks on how to make the most out of video marketing in the jewelry business and increase your sales.

1. Use video in the jewelry industry to provoke emotions.

They say that emotion sells everything.
This rule is particularly applicable when you’re selling jewelry.
If you want to portray the values and long-standing business traditions, you need to create an emotion-provoking brand video.
People like to see what they’re buying.
Studies show that people, nowadays, tend to watch a video of a product long before they even think about the purchase.
Once the product grabs their attention, they’ll want to watch even more video content that exhibits the product from all different perspectives.
The first step to creating a fantastic video in the jewelry industry is constructing a script.
Use that script to tell a story of how, and when, you started your business, as well as why you do things the way you do.
Be sure to present variety in your offer and showcase the details.
Emphasize on creating jewelry for lovers, longtime friends, and family.
Present all the unique carvings, details, colors, and ornaments your line might have in a detailed manner.
Try to focus on the sentiments your jewelry evokes in people and catch it on camera.
To produce such a video won’t require a Hollywood-based film crew, but you’ll still want to hire a professional videographer, who’ll know how to portray your brand in the best light.

2. Try video-influencer marketing.

If you’re not interested in enlisting the help of a professional videographer, try influencer marketing.
Seek out influencers who resonate with your buying personas, and make sure to check if they’ve had experience with video in the jewelry industry.
If they haven’t, but they tend to create highly visual stories with the products they’re using, you can still count them as an option, too.
However, it’s essential to find influencers who like to tell stories via video.
Enthuse them to showcase your jewelry while wearing it for important occasions in their life: during a wedding, as a special gift to a child, a Mothers’ Day present, or a simple but exquisite addition to their unique style.
Let them show your jewelry through short videos on social media, such as Instagram.
Today, Instagram is all about fashion, so it’s a safe place to start.
Besides, influencers usually have a broad audience of various ages, so it’s an excellent way to start creating brand awareness for your jewelry business.
You might even discover new trends and habits of today’s consumers.
Creating attractive videos and visuals in cooperation with popular and valued influencers establishes the right image for your business.
You declare yourself a modern business that is willing to work online: someone who wants to present itself to a new, broader audience, and establish a new type of relationship with their customers.
Influencer marketing works wonders for your social media marketing, too.
The content they’re creating can go viral on social media and bring you additional exposure, and is also perfect for including it in your look books and catalogs.
Organizing giveaways will also help you with establishing your online presence.

3. Don’t be afraid to DIY

Creating videos shouldn’t be reserved for professionals, nor does it have to make a dent in your wallet.
If you want to immerse yourself into the world of video in the jewelry industry, all you need is a smartphone with a decent camera, or a camera itself.
Create a short video where you present your new collection, or showcase what you have in your store.
To avoid shakiness, invest in a simple tripod (or even a gimbal) and press record. To highlight the appearance of your jewelry, make sure to use a white or black background.
You don’t want to drive away all the possible attention with distracting backgrounds.
You can create videos that showcase your shop, your locations, your employees, and of course, yourself.
Post these videos regularly on your social media channels, or send them via video email to your current customers. Don’t forget to include them in your newsletters as well.
Let everybody know about your jewels!
Moreover, don’t be afraid to record yourself.
Give out a piece of advice or two on how to keep your jewelry clean and well-maintained. Share your expertise, and showcase your knowledge.
People will feel your good vibes, and you’ll eventually increase the list of your fans and customers.

4. Collect video testimonials

If you have satisfied customers who are thrilled to wear a piece of your jewelry, make sure to use their video testimonials for additional benefits.
Collecting video testimonials in the jewelry industry is extremely advantageous: an honest and straightforward review of your jewelry, by various customers who purchased it and wore it often, can inspire other people to check out your brand.
Try to encourage them to express what they like the most about your jewelry business.
It doesn’t have to be your jewelry pieces only – people care about the excellent customer service and the tradition, too.
Let them express themselves via video and then share it on your channels.
Use it on your website, upload it to your Instagram and Facebook, and watch your fan base grow.

In conclusion

Now, more than ever, people like to buy things from the comfort of their own home.
However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to see the product exactly as it is.
Video in the jewelry industry works by highlighting the sheer beauty of your exquisite pieces.
Use this magnificent and powerful medium to show what you offer, and share it with the world, even with those who can’t set foot in your store (yet).
That way, you’ll position your brand’s integrity, show off its image, and increase its exclusivity.
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