Video Interview: Your New Mechanism For Successful Recruiting

Let’s face it – job interviews are a big deal.
As one of the most crucial parts of the hiring process,  the importance of an interview is ever-increasing.
Moreover, because of their significance, job interviews can sometimes be a stressful experience for both sides.
The candidate wants to get the desired job, and the recruiter thrives on filling open positions with the best candidates.
Also, recruiters want to explore talented communities where they can establish themselves as an attractive future employer.
One of the ways to boost your recruitment strategy is with a video interview.
Video interviews have become popular among business of all sizes; According to Tazio, more than 40% of employers now regularly use video interviews in their hiring processes.
Let’s see how video interviews can assist you in recruiting new talents.

Video interviews save your time

If you want to attract top-notch candidates, you mustn’t be afraid to embrace new technologies. Businesses who use the video interview as a part of the recruiting process will leave a better impression than employers who use conventional methods.
By using a video interview, you’ll be more transparent, efficient, and confident.
You’ll also provide your interviewees with a comfortable feeling of being able to present themselves in a familiar setting and at their own pace, without the stressful experiences of, for example, being late to the interview due to a traffic jam.
The video interview also helps you keep candidates interested during the recruitment process. With video, you can easily set a non-hectic schedule, connect with the candidate quickly, and approach to every one of them with the same level of professionalism and attention.
You can also choose the option of a pre-recorded video interview, where candidates are asked to present themselves to you by recording a video on their own, and sending it to you.
The process is simple – if you immediately don’t think they’re the right match, you can stop watching it and skip to the next one.
With that kind of time “luxury,” you can allow yourself to pay more attention to those who caught your attention.

You can improve your brand awareness

The market has a swarm of new and innovative businesses, so candidates are starting to be a bit more selective about where they want to work.
If you can manage to present your company in the best possible way, the best potential candidates will eventually come your way.
To establish a strong sense of brand identity in a video interview, you can present your company’s culture by yourself, or by sharing the call with the manager who’s department is currently hiring.
You can also create a few pre-recorded videos, where you’ll showcase what you do and present your business in more detail.
That way, candidates can find out what your company is all about.
Even if they don’t get hired, candidates who were satisfied with your hiring process are very likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.
Skeeled brings us the following statistics:

  • 80% of candidates are willing to share their positive experiences, and around 60% will share their negative feedback.
  • 75% of candidates who have an overall 5-star experience are very likely to refer others versus only 6% of those who have an overall 1-star experience.

Moreover, the candidate that is applying for a position might also turn into a prospect or an existing customer.
Make sure to provide them with a positive first experience.
Giving good feedback sure seems time-consuming, but it’s a must.
Your company needs to validate the respect and expectations your candidates have for you.

Video interviews help you to deal with no-shows and unsuitable candidates more easily

If you’re dealing with recruiting, then you might’ve come across the candidates who haven’t shown up or even picked up a phone.
Situations like this can be incredibly frustrating because it’s wasting everyone’s time.
However, if you schedule a video interview, candidates can easily choose to meet whenever they have the time.
If they decide not to participate – you won’t have wasted your time, either. With video interviews, you have a better insight into candidates’ motivation, honesty, and genuine interests.
When it comes to recruiting, sometimes, you know.
If you happen to know precisely that this person will be a perfect fit, you don’t have to complete the whole excruciating process of an interview.
Additionally, pre-recorded video interviews give you the possibility of comparison.
Ask everyone the same questions.
So, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re not 100% sure about someone, compare their responses, motivation, and agility.
Feel free to share it with your colleagues and branch managers, who can put in their two cents, too.
Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the interviewee’s non-verbal messages.
Sometimes, when you have a face-to-face interview, you can be all into the information you’re trying to acquire. That means you’ll be more focused on what a person is saying rather than on what he or she is displaying.

Video interviews are economical

When candidates don’t have to leave their home to go to a job interview, they’re saving money.
There are no travel expenses, and the cost of buying a new set of clothes becomes unnecessary. It’s a particular sort of freedom in wearing a formal shirt with the bottom parts of your PJ. 🙂
Using video interviews, companies are saving money, too.
If you’re searching for new talents outside your city, you can ditch reserving a venue for the interview. You won’t have any travel, food, or lodging expenses.
The bigger the number of your open positions – the higher the costs.
The Undercover Recruiter brings us the data about employers having a 67% fewer travel costs associated with hiring when using a video interview.
Why waste time and resources, when you can turn on your webcam and have a quick, but meaningful chat with your prospective candidate?

How to finish up a video interview?

To give a perfect conclusion to a video interview, make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and effort properly.
Moreover, you can also send a personalized video email as a follow-up: use it to let them know about your decision, hand out some additional questions, or thank them for applying.
That way, you’ll leave a positive, warm, and friendly impression on people, and build a stronger connection with them.
Covideo offers you a perfect opportunity to reach out to people with a personalized video email.
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