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Video Marketing Trends in 2017

We don’t wanna preach to the choir, beat a dead horse, or perform any other ridiculous and unnecessary activity, but a recent article from Business 2 Community reiterates a lot of points that we at Covideo have been screaming for years. The article makes predictions about video marketing trends in 2017. That alone is telling. It’s not simply about trends in video or trends in marketing. It’s video marketing trends. As in, one phrase.
There are 10 points in the article, but we pulled out a few key predictions that jumped out at us… probably because they’re “relevant” and “targeted” to what we do here at Covideo. But more on those words later…

Video Resources for Sales Teams

The article sites this crazy stat: “4% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by reading a manual, just 5% prefer speaking to someone on the phone, and a huge 44% prefer to watch a video.” That’s wild! Stats show that video is more engaging and creates a more personal, sincere and authentic experience for the viewer. This helps to establish trust which is THE key for marketers and salespeople.

Multi-Channel Marketing

This trend can be applied to personalized video with the premise being; speak to your target audiences in their language. For example, if they’re uber active on LinkedIn, shoot them a video via that platform. If they take days or weeks to respond to an email but fire straight back to a text, send them a video via SMS. Think of it as their Love Language. It may not be yours, so be observant and be flexible… and make sure the video email software you use is flexible, too.

Email & Video will Team Up

Picture us just slow nodding. Email + Video = The Future

Increase in Relevancy and Micro-Targeting

Sadly, video marketing will not succeed with a “set it and forget it” mentality. People are inundated with information on a daily/hourly basis, so if that info is not timely, relevant and targeted to them it’s going in the bin. Video marketing doesn’t have to be a time suck, but in order to make your target audiences feel special, you have to treat them… well… special.
-Team Covideo


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