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Covideo’s Newest Feature: Video Merging

Covideo’s new Video Merge feature allows you to easily combine your videos and create personalized videos at-scale!

Now you can record one-off messages, and combine them with perennial videos you use over and over, saving you time and effort. With Video Merge, you can add the power of personalization to product demos, marketing videos, walk-throughs, screen recordings, and more. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to merge videos together using Covideo’s newest feature, Video Merge.

How to merge videos together using Covideo: 

1. Click “Merge Videos” to combine two or more recordings from your Covideo library. 

2. Then, select the videos you want to merge. You’ll be able to choose videos from any of your folders.  

3. Once you’ve selected your videos, click “Add Videos.”

4. Here, you can reorder your videos by dragging them up or down, and trim them by dragging the bar for each respective video left to right. You can also add and remove videos from your editing screen. 

5. If one of your videos is particularly long, you can adjust your view to see the entire trimming bar by zooming in and out. 

6. When you’re satisfied, click the orange “Save” button, rename and save your new video. 

7. Your new video will then show up at the top of your video library and – once it’s done processing – it’s ready to be shared! 

And that’s how easy it is to use video merge! If you prefer, watch the video below to see how to merge videos together with Covideo!

Video Merging is available for all Covideo users now. Just make sure you’re using the latest version of Covideo (3.0) as Merge and other new Covideo features are available exclusively in this version. 

How to update your Covideo account if you’re using an older version:

If you’re using Covideo 1.0, it will look similar to the image below. You’ll need to click “Try the new Covideo Today” to update to 2.0. You’ll then need to follow the instructions below to move from 2.0 to 3.0.

If you’re using Covideo 2.0, it will look similar to the image below. Just click “Switch to Covideo 3.0” to update your account to the latest version. 

All of your videos, settings and any custom landing pages you had created will automatically be transferred over when you make the update.

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