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Here’s How Video Messaging Will Help Your Business

According to one recent study, approximately 85% of all Internet users in the United States say that they’ve watched online video content on at least one of their personal devices in the last month. If you needed a single statistic to point to the increasing popularity of video as a communications medium, let it be that one.

Video has always been popular – it’s just that technology in general has taken quite awhile to catch up to the consumption habits of viewers. Even as recently as a decade ago, dial-up Internet connections were still quite common – meaning that even a modest video clip would take a tremendous amount of time to load on a computer, and the quality level would leave a lot to be desired once it did. Flash forward to today, and broadband Internet connections are commonplace in homes across the country – and viewers are streaming 1080p and even 4K UHD clips with ease.

Video messaging for business purposes has really taken off, too – thanks in no small part to the wide array of different benefits that brands can’t get anywhere else. Not only is video more engaging than other types of content, but it’s also easier to comprehend as well. Plus, it’s easy to record a quick YouTube message for your customers, or to create compelling video email messages with your video prospecting software. These advantages, coupled with the fact that the best message video represents an easier way to reach people than ever before, have made it a tremendous sales tool for businesses everywhere.

Video messaging in particular has impacted not only business communication, but the strategies of entire departments as well. Marketing teams regularly use video messages in mass emails, for example. Sales departments use personalized Covideo to reach prospects. Follow-ups with customers can be recorded in perpetuity. The list goes on and on.

Indeed, video messaging for businesses has become a critical part of the sales processes of most organizations – all in the name of providing top-notch, personalized services in a way that supports and empowers the customer experience at the same time.

Covideo is just one of many examples of the type of video message app that businesses have come to rely on. It’s an easy-to-use software that not only lets you record and send video messages, but also allows you to distribute those messages via email, SMS text messages or even social media. All told, Covideo specializes in the type of personalized video messaging that is commonly used in sales for maximum impact. Unlike a message video YouTube, Covideo allows you to send your videos directly to the individual – thus creating a more intimate, personalized experience than ever before. Instead of creating something for the public to watch, you’re speaking directly to the individual – and for a lot of prospects out there, that can make all the difference in the world in terms of creating brand satisfaction and loyalty in one fell swoop.

The Rise of Video Calling

Over roughly the same period, video calling has also exploded in popularity – thanks largely to the fact that people are using (and loving) options like the Skype app and Apple’s FaceTime app. While most people use these tools to have personal conversations with those that they already know, they too are a tremendous opportunity for savvy businesses to take advantage of in terms of creating a more intimate and emotional connection with the people they’ve dedicated themselves to serving. Video calling apps for laptop computers aren’t just readily available – there are many free video chat app options to choose from depending on your needs.

When a business is speaking directly to one of their customers, even something as seemingly simple as seeing someone’s face can be undeniably powerful. In addition to immediately building a crucial sense of trust, video calling apps for PC and Mac platforms also create an instant familiarity. This enables businesses to build relationships faster than ever, while also creating a sense of retention between a company and its customers because it’s much harder to cut off a relationship (or say “no” to a sale) once you’ve seen someone and developed a rapport with them.

In a lot of ways, this is why services like Covideo were created in the first place. People like to do business with people they like – Covideo was built to facilitate that. Businesses realize that it’s time to bring a new level of humanization and personality to what they do. Why shouldn’t they have a solution that supports that goal?

Solutions like Covideo also fill in an omnipresent gap in this brave new world of “business to consumer” communication. What if you can’t connect with your audience via a strict series of rules like FaceTime and Skype requires? Remember that for those solutions to work, both parties have to be available. In sales, that’s rarely the case – especially once you consider that half the battle is reaching your prospect and catching their attention.

The best video calling app like Covideo, as a result, almost becomes like a type of video voicemail. You can leave a video message via email or texting, and your prospects still get that personal experience that they so desire. Likewise, businesses still get all the benefits of video as a format – it adds personalization, it gives the audience more freedom to access a video on their own time and much, much more.

Covideo vs. Other Alternatives: The Best Video Chat App With Strangers

In general, Covideo is a solution that was founded for a simple purpose: its developers wanted to bring personality and humanization back to business.

People like doing business with other people – they always have, and they always will. Covideo, by design, is a tool that makes it easy to record, send and even track videos. Businesses won’t face any obstacles in regard to sending email or video texts, as Covideo compresses the video and sends it in a designed email template with that company’s branding.

Not only that, but businesses have the option to hover their video over their website, thus making sure that when a recipient is done viewing a video, they land directly on the company’s page. Other video platforms – with Vidyard and GoVideo being two examples – do not have this feature, which is certainly something to consider when downloading. Likewise, Vidyard GoVideo and others are built to be more broadly focused solutions, unlike Covideo which is more directed towards brands.

Additionally, Covideo syncs up with a business’ WhatsApp app – making sending videos just as easy as sending a photo. WhatsApp photos and videos become powerful tools to add to your proverbial arsenal and recording a video message for WhatsApp is so simple you can do it in minutes.  When you consider that 500 million people use their WhatsApp download on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why this is such a big deal. Nothing beats the convenience of a text message and with these types of video calling apps for PC, you get that added layer of emotion at the same time.

Therefore, if a business is looking to send video messages for WhatsApp that remain high quality regardless of factors like size and video length, Covideo is the tool for them. Overall, it’s a solution designed to create a seamless process that allows brads to record and send video messages at ease. There’s even a Covideo mobile app, so sending video messages in WhatsApp becomes a smoother process than ever before.

Messaging Apps: The Best Video Call App for iPhone and Beyond

 In terms of video messaging apps, businesses have a wide variety of different options available to them to meet their needs – regardless of what those needs happen to be.

Google Duo and Marco Polo are maybe two of the most popular examples of this, as they’re both video messaging apps that are used by brands to communicate with the people they’ve dedicated themselves to serving. With Google Duo, for example, you can send text messages, video messages and more – all from Microsoft’s Windows operating system or a smartphone like an Android or Apple’s iPhone. Google Duo text messages are virtually indistinguishable from regular texts, despite bringing with them advantages like those outlined above.

Marco Polo is even similar to Snapchat, but allows you to tailor your message to the exact person who you want to receive it. Indeed, Marco Polo app tips and tricks have been used by businesses to great effect for quite some time. Marco Polo app Android versions are readily available. The same is true of Google Duo for Windows, too.

However, the key thing to understand is that these messages are temporary – they can only be accessed within a limited timeframe. That’s ultimately why personalized video messaging apps like Covideo are so great – they alow you to send that personalized message that people want, but in a way that makes sense within the context of a formal business setting that also gives people unlimited access to those videos. You also don’t have to worry about a Duo message not sent correctly, or other issues that you might have with the Duo app. Google Duo messages are high quality, to be fair – but Covideo is clearly a better alternative in many ways.

Your recipient can rewatch your video as many times as they want, and brands will still be able to track and see if they watched it, how many times they watched it, and how engaged they were as a result. Businesses will never have to spend time wondering why their video messages aren’t sending, because Covideo compresses that video and sends it out on their behalf.

If you’re eager to find additional information about why video messaging has become such an important part of communication between brands and their customers in the modern era, or if you’re just eager to discuss the specifics of your won situation with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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