Video Messaging: Quick Tips

Oftentimes, we get asked if we have any video email best practices or tips and tricks to make your video messages even more effective. Our response: of course we do! We would like to consider ourselves video experts and being in the business for nearly a decade, we’ve definitely learned what works best for us and our customers.

In this blog, we’ll share some of our most common tips we frequently tell customers. Next time you record a video message, try one (or all!) of these out, and see just how effective video messaging can be.

1. Keep you videos short.

When recording your videos, try not to make them too long. Most people lose concentration after 30-60 seconds. Beforehand, think through what you want to say, almost like a voicemail. That way you can make sure your videos stay concise.

2. Use a whiteboard.

One of the strongest benefits to video messaging is personalization. So when recording a video, hold up a white board with your recipient’s name or tailored message on it. That way, it will show up in the thumbnail in the email, which is as close to autoplay video in email as you can get! It will also allow your customer to know the message was made specifically for them, which is extremely beneficial for sales and personalized video email marketing.

3. Include calls to action.

When ending your video, make sure that you include a call to action – something that tells your viewer what to do next. You can support your call to actions with exit links. These are buttons accompanying your video that can link to other places on the internet. For instance, it could link to your calendar fo them to schedule an appointment, to your website for them to learn about you, or to a purchase page, so they can buy now.  

4. Use a custom video landing page.

Covideo solves the question of how to embed a video in email. With Covideo, you embed a video thumbnail or animated gif in the body of the email, encouraging your audience to click on it. When they do, they are directed to a custom landing page that displays your video. If you want to look even more professional, video email templates allow you to showcase your video alongside your branding. This way, your message and brand are front and center for your audience to see. 

5. Add video in the subject line. 

Video today is the preferred medium on the internet. So, when sending a video email, let your recipient know! Video email marketing statistics show that adding the word video to your subject line will increase your open rates and click through rates by 20%. For example, if sending a monthly newsletter, title your video email subject lines, “Video Newsletter”!

6. Include text.

When sending a Covideo, it’s a best practice to include a bit of text in the body of your email. While the majority of the message will be in the video itself, a salutation lets your recipient know the email was meant especially for them, and a bit of copy provides context for what they can expect in the video. If you really want to see your views skyrocket, use a cliffhanger that entices them to watch the video. 

7. Gauge interest with analytics.

Using the analytics of your video is a great way to gauge the viewers interest. You can see how much of the video they watched, and what parts of the video they watched multiple times. With this, you can see what caught their attention and replicate it for future videos.

8. Follow up with view notifications.

With Covideo, you will receive a notification when your video is viewed. So, when that notification pops up in your email inbox, give the recipient a call – answer rates will improve and you’ll be top of mind when you follow up! This is a great sales hack to use when you’re prospecting and trying to get in touch with a lead. 

9. Respond with video.

Conversations are a two-way street. So, a great way to make your communication more dynamic is by using Covideo’s reply feature. This feature lets your recipients respond to you with a video of their own, even if they don’t have a Covideo account! It’s more engaging and can be used throughout the recruiting or admissions process, gathering reviews and testimonials, or industry specific scenarios like the trade-in process for auto dealers.

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