Video Prospecting: The Newest Addition to Your Sales Strategy

Sales Development Representative(SDR):  For those that know what the role entails, you understand it isn’t the most glamorous job and requires a resilient attitude. For those who don’t know what the day-to-day role of an SDR looks like, I’ll keep it short and sweet – you are a prospector. Your day consists of making cold calls, sending emails and trying to get anyone and everyone to take a look at the product you’re selling. It’s a right of passage and until I learned how to create a video email, it was much more difficult than it needed to be.

Introducing A New Way of Prospecting

When cold calling for previous employers, I was typically going down a spreadsheet and dialing for hours on end. There’s nothing wrong with the old school way of doing things, but the job gets a little brighter when you can send video emails. Sending videos sets you free from the chains of mundane plain text emails, giving you the ability to actually connect with a prospect immediately with a face-to-face interaction. It’s the difference between having to make a first impression with a text and being able to meet someone face to face through video.

Add Variety Your Monotonous Routine

Not only is using video email an extremely effective way to get the attention of a potential client, but it’s also less time consuming and more fun than using plain text. The life of an SDR can get repetitive and tiresome, so having the ability to record some quick videos to break up your call blocks is a great way to take a break from dialing and still make progress with your prospects. Ever experience a handful of bad calls in a row? Take a step back and record a few videos for the people that you’ve made connections with, or to the ones you haven’t spoken to yet. Then when you’re in a more positive mindset, respond to a bad call with a video message, so you get another opportunity to deliver your message. It makes that prospect see you as a human being and not a “telemarketer” trying to sell them snake oil.

Send Large Files At Ease

At this point if you’re worried about sending large files via email, there’s no need. Sending video emails as attachments has been holding back SDRs this whole time. Ninety percent of the time emails with attachments get filtered as spam. If you manage to get one in front of your prospect, but don’t have an established relationship, the chance of them looking at an unfamiliar video is slim. Mystery attachments are frightening, they can do damage to your hardware and to your company. That’s where using a service like Covideo makes a huge difference. You have the ability to send coded videos to someone in the form of a link, so your prospects don’t have to consider the potential risk of opening your video.

Success Stems From Your Tech Stack

Becoming a successful SDR means surrounding yourself with the right tools and understanding how to utilize them to go beyond your goals. Having a CRM chalk full of leads or having a sequencing program at your disposal will help you stay organized but it’s not going to set you apart from your competitors. Knowing how to send an email that has personality and multimedia content will attract more attention than those common bags of tricks.

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