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The #1 video recorder app for businesses

Record yourself, screen, or both with Covideo – the #1 video message platform for sales, marketing, customer service, and more.

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Record yourself, screen, or both

Increase engagement and personalize your outreach by putting a face to a name with a video recorder app.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is the easiest way to record, send, and track video emails. Cut through the noise with the simple solution built for smarter outreach.


People want to do business with people, not technology. Skip impersonal interactions by incorporating personalized video emails into your outreach for prospecting, follow-ups, referrals and more.

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Breakthrough the noise of a busy inbox by delivering eye-catching video email campaigns that engage your audience and drive action. Promote your next event, showcase your newest product, or share the people and stories behind your brand.

Customer Service

Delight customers with personalized experiences that keep them coming back and telling others. Reduce the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding by providing a visual demonstration with a detailed explanation in video format.

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Transform your outreach with video.

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Video Recorder App

Having a go-to video recording app in your toolbox is helpful in so many ways. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about video recorder apps, what they are, use cases, and some of the best options for apps for iPhones and Androids. We’ll also cover some of these points listed here:

  • What is video recorder software?
  • Use cases for a video webcam recorder
  • Best video recording app
    • Video recording app for android
    • iPhone video recording app
  • Free video recording apps


What is a video recorder?

Before we delve any deeper into the art of video recording, we wanted to make sure that we were on the same page by defining exactly what screen recording software is. A video recorder uses an online video camera or an application that allows you to use your webcam and record videos of yourself, your screen, or both at the same time. There are many different types of video recorders out there. Some of these recorders are used for recording and editing videos, while some may be used to produce videos for social media and other more ‘entertaining’ campaigns. Other recorders may be used to produce large-scale marketing videos as well as smaller-scale like video messages for sales outreach.

The features of a video recorder will differ depending on your needs and how you’re going to use that recorder. So before you can pick the right software for you, it’s important to define your use case and your purpose for using a video recorder. In this article, we will be discussing how to use a video recorder for recording and sending video messages for business purposes and use cases. These types of videos are one-off videos that you can send to customers, prospects, colleagues, etc. These videos are used to personalize your outreach, communicate with video instead of plain-text, and are even used as a sales tactic to help your emails stand out in an inbox to increase engagement and get more responses. These video recording software can be used on so many different platforms, you can find iPad video recording apps, as well as video recorder apps for PC, Mac, and iPhones.


Use cases for a video recording software

There are a large variety of use cases for an online recorder. With the remote work from home culture here to stay, video plays a critical role and should definitely be a tool that you have on hand. Personalizing your outreach efforts, marketing campaigns, and your content overall adds a significant amount of value to your business. Personalization shows your clients and users that you’re going to go the extra mile. This type of personalization is commonly used in sales. Sales reps can record short videos of themselves and send them as a form of prospecting, follow-ups, saying thank you after closing a deal, and checking in on customers later on.

These types of personal videos are also great for customer success or customer service roles. When creating videos for customer service, having a screen recording feature as well as a webcam recorder is extra useful. Popular video recording apps usually come with both features. You can use the screen feature to show your customers how to do something on their own and they can rewatch your videos if they need to reference them again. Plenty of other industries like automotive, higher education, etc. are using videos as a means to stand out and get noticed among competitors. Typically, to stand out, you need to do something different, which is where videos come in handy. Videos are a great means to show you put in the effort, the care, and your willingness to go the extra mile. Some of the best recording software apps are also allowing you to record on the go. Having this type of feature available is useful when showing off houses or properties for real estate purposes, car walkarounds for automotive sales reps, or if you see something come in and you’re away from the office or your computer, but still want to respond with a personalized video. Next, we’ll go through some of the best video recording apps for Android, iPhone, and all other smartphones. Later, we’ll highlight some popular video recording apps for PC, Mac, and other platforms.


Video Recorder App

If you’re looking for the best app to record videos with the most well-rounded features, look no further! Covideo allows you to record, send, and track video messages on any platform. With Covideo, you can use email along with any other favorite CRM platform to send these videos, you can also use Covideo to text videos and post them to social media platforms – all you have to do is copy and paste it wherever you want! Traditionally, it’s usually very difficult to send videos because of their large file sizes. But in this case, Covideo does all of the heavy lifting for you and makes it super simple to record and send videos from your phone.

Covideo has so many different features to help further personalize your videos include captioning, video merging, annotations, and more. With captions, you can help ensure accessibility and reinforce your message. With the trim and merge feature, you can merge multiple clips into one to create personalized videos at scale. Lastly, our call-to-action customizable buttons help drive engagement and set clear next steps. If you’re looking to send video messages then Covideo is the best video recording app for iPhone, the best video recording app for iPad, and of course, the best video camera app for Android. Covideo isn’t just used as a mobile app, it can also be used on computers too and is considered one of the top video recording apps for desktop devices.


Video recording software & screen recording software combined

Covideo doubles as a video recorder and screen recorder app all in one. Covideo’s screen recording features allow you to record yourself, your screen, or both at the same time. The screen video recorder also captures audio recordings. There are so many benefits and use cases for a screen recorder online, including sales pipelines. With Covideo, you can record a video introduction, you can record demos, and you can even capture PowerPoint presentations. Unlike a cold call or cold email, a video recording will provide face-to-face interaction and act as a stage for introducing your company.

You can also use a screen recorder for PC for marketing purposes. You can create eye-catching blog content, product demonstrations, and even webinars. Including a screen recording in your marketing efforts will help illustrate your ideas, catch your audiences’ attention, and overall make a better experience for your readers. Lastly, screen recorders for laptops can be used for customer service. You can record training videos and troubleshoot with customers.


Free video recording software

With an online video recorder, you can personalize your marketing efforts, your customer service communications, and stand out and create more engaging sales content. Features like a screen recorder with audio and the ability to capture both videos of yourself and your screen are incredibly important tools to use when working remotely. Get started by using Covideo’s video capture software free of charge by signing up for our trial.

With Covideo, you can use a video recording software free of charge with all of our standard features to see what it’s all about. Start a free trial no credit card required! Learn more about our demo now!


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