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8 Video Types That Will Attract Customers

When you hear the term “content marketing”, most of you will imagine content in written form. Today, people are drifting away from written content and moving towards video content. To get you started with video content marketing, we bring you 8 video types you can use to increase your target market engagement.

Video Emails

If a picture paints a thousand words, video paints a million. So, why are we still typing? Let’s be real, written words will never die out, it is what shaped our human culture for centuries. But the new era brought video into every aspect of our lives, especially business communication.

We know that email is the most used form of business communication, but now with video emails, your emails finally have a stronger meaning. Video email combines visual and audio experience with your personality. When you are sending a video email you can say the person’s name, and they can see your body language and face expressions, which is many times the key to building relationships faster and closing business deals.

Product explanations

Alert! The average attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds today. So imagine how many catchy phrases you need to type to grab someone’s attention. Video reaches your target markets’ attention right away. Back in the days, TV commercials had the role of achieving this and today product videos are taking their place on social media or company websites. Showing your product or service in practice has a higher power of convincing your viewers of its benefits. Studies show that after watching a video, viewers were 64% more likely to make a purchase decision.

Therefore, it’s time to make that explainer video!

Testimonials video 

No one likes people who brag. The same goes for companies.

Instead of wasting time showing and saying that you are the best, let your customers do it for you. Not only will this build trust and credibility, but people will relate to them. “If it solved their problem, it can solve mine!”, that is what you want your target market to think. Once your potential customers connect with your current customers, you will be one step closer to having them connect with your brand as well. 

Learn more about 3 reasons why you need video testimonials in your business.

Company culture 

Your employees are the most valuable asset of your company. They represent your company, your values, and they are part of the image you promote to the world. Their energy and passion for their job is a message you should share with your target audience. Is there a better way for that than through a company culture video?

There are many ways to record a company culture video. You can record a video that broadcasts what the company does as a whole, like mentioning values you bring to employees and customers, or record a video showing a typical day at the office. You can include a short interview clip with a specific member of your team or the whole team. Record a video while you are enjoying team building activities or share a short video of your team brainstorming.

Let your viewers see the real face of your company – your employees.

FAQ video

People are curious. It’s in our nature. Whether people think about a product or a service, there are a hundred questions that cross their mind. Not getting the answer to these questions or even getting the wrong answers would be the worst outcome that you as a company can imagine.

When making a purchase decision, people will first listen to people they know and trust, and then they will pay attention to the online reviews. As a company, you should always do the research online, form focus groups and record a video type that provides them with the answers. How about creating the FAQ video?

With this video type, not only will you increase trust, but your target market will have more understanding of what you represent. Don’t forget, people like people that think alike. That’s why they will always prefer companies that support their values, understand their fears and carry away their doubts.

Thank you video 

In this fast-paced world, we are turning to feel more and more to find our place of peace, and ‘Thank you’ videos are a great way to add that human touch to digital communications. They give that ‘Wow’ effect on the target audience. When a company takes its time to think about their customers and show appreciation, its customers will sure know how to reward it. The ability to convey the emotion, transform plain text into the real personal connection is the real power of “Thank you” video.  

We are sorry 

How many times have you or your company made a mistake? Let’s face it: We all make mistakes. It’s not about making mistakes; it’s about how you fix them. Even though it’s easiest to ignore it, the way you deal with your missteps says a lot about the company. Your modest attitude can save you many clients and money. Did you know that it costs five times more to acquire a customer than to retain one?

Press record, say the person’s name, say your sincere apology, give something in return and show that you don’t wish this to happen again. Your customers have to know they can count on you for anything they need. With an apology, your almost lost customer can be converted into the most loyal one.

Instruction video 

Your customers want you to be an expert who will know what they need, desire and how to solve their problems. There is a whole story behind your product or service. For example, if you are selling a video recording equipment, you can give instructions to your customers and followers on how to overcome the fear of being in front of the camera. 

The customer’s journey doesn’t end when the purchase is made. Instruction videos are a great tool to avoid buyer’s remorse. Making them feel like you are always here for them, will make them think about your brand more and maybe they will purchase something again.

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