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Video Voicemail. With Covideo.

Record, send, and track personalized videos through your favorite channels and never leave another faceless voicemail again.


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Record unique videos

Record or upload videos that are super simple and far from ordinary. All you need to create high-impact, low-effort videos is your webcam or smartphone.

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Customize your approach

Drive engagement and next steps with customizable calls-to-action, and maintain brand consistency with a video landing page designed for you.

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Send from favorite channels

Covideo works where you do, so you can stay focused and efficient. Send your video messages through email, texts, your CRM, or social media.


Track your wins

Gain powerful insights with real-time view notifications, detailed reporting on opens, views, engagement, and clicks, and team stats.

Record a video voicemail in minutes.

Boost results and make an impact instantly.


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