Track Your Video With Viewer Notifications

A cool feature of our video email product is the viewer notification option.  Covideo users can be notified by email every time someone views a video email they sent from our system.  This option is highly effective for timely follow ups and time-sensitive offers.
For example: a real estate agent sends a video email of a property to a client. When the client views the video email, the real estate agent immediately receives an email notification informing them who is viewing the video and which video it is.  The agent can pick up a phone and call the client while the video (and the property) are still fresh in their mind.
Users can request viewer notifications when sending a video email from the desktop recorder and web-based recorder, or from the video library.
For users who forget to check the notification box when sending a video, or those who are overwhelmed with notifications from multiple recipients, we now have a solution!  In the Video Library next to each video title, one of the options is Views.  This has traditionally been where users can see number of views and viewer information for a video.  The new Notify check boxes allow users to request notifications from some or all recipients of the video, after it has been sent.  Conversely, notifications may be discontinued for a few or all recipients by un-checking the boxes.
Request viewer notifications when sending a video email from the desktop recorder or the website:
When sending a video email from the desktop recorder, click on the More Options button and check the box “Notify me when recipient views this video” at the bottom of the window.  When sending a video email from the website, the notification message and check box mentioned above appear in the top right corner of the send email window.
Request/Discontinue viewer notifications from the video library (website only):
From a specific video in the video library, click on Views.  Check the box next to the word Notify to receive viewer notifications for every contact receiving that video, or check the box next to an individual contact you wish to receive viewing notifications for.
To stop receiving all notifications, un-check the box next to the word Notify.  To stop receiving notifications for specific contacts simply un-check the box next to that contact’s name.
Notification settings may be changed at any time.

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