Virtual Recruiting 101

According to a recent survey, it’s more difficult than ever to find quality candidates for companies looking to hire. Sixty-two percent of recruiters say their job is more difficult today than it was a year ago…59 percent of respondents say it is more difficult to get quality candidates than it was a year ago. Thus, the increased job openings, a shortage of skills in the workforce and more competition often leave recruiters scrambling to find the right match. This is why so many recruiters are looking into virtual recruiting ideas or even a virtual tour creator.

This is where Covideo can help. Video email will you maximize your touches in minimal time all while being able to see who’s interested in learning more. Throughout this blog, we’ll lay out some virtual recruiting strategies so you can start growing your company today.

Communicate to Candidates with Video Virtual Recruiting

Job seekers have access to reviews, company websites, articles, and much more thanks to the Internet. What they don’t have access to is face-to-face communication with the employees at your organization. Have the Marketing Director or Sales Director send the potential candidate a video message introducing themselves. They can talk about what the job entails and the benefits of working with your company. Hearing it from a current employee is far more valuable than scrolling through a website.  

Announce an Open Position with a Video Message

Broadcast your new position by recording a video message about the new position that has opened up at your company. With Covideo’s video messaging software, you can send the recording to a contact group that has previously expressed interest, or you can post it on social media.

Unlike a virtual information session, when sending out Covideos, you can choose to get notifications when your video has been viewed, letting you know the instant your recipient watches your video. And, you can access analytics that will tell you how many times they watched, how long they watched, and if they interacted with any of your calls- to-actions. This allows you to prioritize your leads by putting those most interested at the top of your list. If that doesn’t captivate your attention than think about the money you’ll save from using Covideo instead of a virtual tour software.

With our platform you have the option to record from your computer or from our mobile app, all you need to do is login with your account information or with a free trial account. Within the app you will have the ability to email, text, or copy and paste the video into your CRM. So, learning how to make a virtual tour with phone is a no brain with Covideo.

A Flexible Interview Process with Virtual Recruiting

The beauty of virtual recruiting is the amount of time saved for the interviewee and interviewer. With Covideo you can use two-way video email to effectively communicate with candidates, saving you time and money in the process. Here’s how it works: 

Record yourself asking questions to your candidates like, “Tell me how you would influence and drive change in our organization” then send it off to them in an email. After they finish watching your video, the candidates can reply with a video of their own with their answer. Their response is sent back to you as an email and is stored in your video library so you can easily go back and review past responses.

On top of all that, you can enable notifications that alert you as soon as the candidate watches your video and view HotSpot analytics to identify candidates that have gone cold.

After the Hiring Process

If you want to build a firm relationship and make a good impression on your applicant, you’ll want to express your gratitude more often than you usually do. Instead of sending a typical, impersonal email, spend 30-60 seconds recording a personalized video message. Thank the applicant for their time and add something that is significant to your interaction with them. The style of the video also depends on you: you are free to make it entertaining, humorous, or casual. Whatever floats your boat! Also, just because you made a script, you shouldn’t be afraid to go a bit off it – you might even get bonus “points” for authenticity.

Where can I learn more about video in virtual recruiting?

If you want more effective communication in your recruitment process, try sending video emails for free through Covideo today. Our 14-day free trial gives you access to our Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and Covideo’s mobile app for iPhones and Androids. If you want to learn more about our software check out our blogs!

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