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Webcam Recorder

If you’re a professional who is looking to elevate the ease at which you can communicate not only among your employees, but among the clients you’ve dedicated yourself to serving, you can accomplish all of this and more by adopting a webcam recorder software of your own. At its core, an online screen and webcam recorder is exactly that – a versatile tool for pros that can become an excellent solution to have by your side when it comes to video creation.

An online webcam recorder can be used for a large number of things, like for making sales videos or customer service videos and more – all via an opportunity to add as much personalization as possible to really help your business stand out. All told, there are a few different types of cam recorder options for you to choose from depending on your needs. They include but are certainly not limited to ones like CovideoDroplrLogitech Capture and CloudApp. So whether you want to record webcam Mac or are looking for a free webcam recorder for your PC, this article will help you find exactly what you need to succeed.

Why You Need a Webcam Recording Software

As stated, there are a wide range of different reasons why a professional might need an online video recorder or some other type of webcam recording software. It’s a great way for your sales teams to create prospecting videos, for example, and it can also be used for things like follow-up videos or even thank you videos. This can be a perfect way for your sales team to stand out from their competitors and, when sent, videos can even dramatically improve their email open rates, too.

Customer service departments also regularly use a free webcam recorder or an online video recorder to create “How To” videos and introductory videos, for example. Adding a webcam recorder – even a free webcam recording software – can significantly improve your business communication as it naturally provides a more personal connection, measures engagement and involves nonverbal and verbal cues – all of which could not be more important.

As a note, however, you’ll want to make sure that any video recorder online solution you choose is compatible with your existing hardware. That not only means looking specifically for a free screen recorder Windows 10 option if that is your operating system, but also a screen recorder free solution that works with your current hardware.

Covideo: A Webcam Video Recorder

By far, one of the best webcam recording software available today takes the form of Covideo – a webcam video recorder that lets you record videos, do screen recordings, share and even track your video messages on an ongoing basis. It’s a great way to get rid of a lot of the hassles that normally come with sending videos, especially via email. A lot of the most popular email services have file size restrictions, for example, meaning that you can’t send an attachment if the file is too big. That means videos are pretty much off the table – unless you have a webcam video recorder like Covideo at your side.

Covideo offers not just a webcam recorder and free screen recorder for Windows 10 and a free screen recorder for PC and Apple, but it also gives you unlimited uploading and recording capabilities, too. Through Covideo’s web based recorder and with the Chrome extension by your side, you can record yourself, your stream or even both at the exact same time. Plus, Covideo’s screen and webcam recorder is available by way of a seven day trial to let you take it for a spin and see what it can do for you. Absolutely no credit card is required to use the webcam recorder.

Droplr’s Screen Recording Software

Another viable option out there takes the form of Droplr’s screen recording software free option. Using Droplr’s Google Chrome extension, users can record their faces while recording their screens for that additional personalized touch that their content has been missing.

Having the ability to record your camera while recording your screen can certainly be helpful for giving additional instruction, and for simply humanizing your content and your communication. Droplr screen recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud – meaning that as soon as you’re finished recording them, they will always be available right in your Droplr dashboard.

Droplr also generates a short link after you’re done that links your new recordings in a way that allows you to share them anywhere. Droplr also includes a trimming feature that allows you to create new start and end points for your video as the need arises. This is the perfect screen recorder Windows 7 tool to cut out long pauses at the beginning or end of a video.

Likewise, with Droplr and its screen recording software free option, users have access to a dashboard that stores everything you need at your fingertips. Through that dashboard, you can organize and sort through all of your recordings – perfect for decluttering your desktop as much as possible.


Another popular option that many people use as a screen recorder download these days is CloudApp – which gives users access to its screen recorder and webcam recording, as well as GIF making features. GIFs in particular are very popular on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so this may very well be that thing you’ve been looking for to give your campaign an extra kick.

CloudApp is helpful because it gives users like yourself access to both an online voice recorder and a screen recorder with audio, all while allowing you to share your recordings with an easy-to-use link. The software even adds your face to a screen recording, but still presents the video in the exact way that you intended it. Plus, recipients need a password to access video recordings, which is a great way to add a bit of additional security moving forward.

This particular screen recorder download is available for not only Windows and Mac computers, but also as an extension for the Chrome web browser and for iPhones running the iOS operating system as well.

Logitech Capture

Finally, we arrive at Logitech Capture – the perfect video recorder PC option for someone who currently uses Logitech products and who wants to take their video content to a whole new level. Logitech Capture is available as a video capture software free download at, meaning that right now you’re just a few quick mouse clicks away from getting started.

You can use this video recorder PC option whenever you want because it is totally free for Logitech users. You can also get a free video recorder when purchasing one of the company’s many webcam products. Keep in mind, however, that sharing these videos will still require some type of video hosting service or video emailing software. Still, this is a particularly great free screen video recorder for remote teachers, for creative vloggers and everyone in between. Teachers in particular will love how easy it is to use, allowing them to record more personalized lessons in a way that really captivates and engages students.

Yes, there will come a day soon (hopefully) where everything returns to normal and all students and teachers are sharing the same space in the same classrooms again. But until that day comes, Logitech Capture is truly the next best thing and it’s an option that is more than worthy of your consideration.

Download a Webcam Recorder Today!

In the end, maybe the most important thing to understand about looking for a free screen recorder online is that not all options are created equally. Some simply allow you to get more out of an existing purchase, like Logitech Capture. Others allow you to record your screen, your face and even both at the same time. Only by carefully considering what you need a video recorder free solution to be will you be able to select the one that best meets your requirements. You’ll also want to perform a webcam test ahead of time to make sure that your new software of choice actually works well with your current hardware.

But by and large, Covideo is the best webcam recorder available today because it offers both a totally free, fully featured trial and a rich experience for paid users. Not only can you easily record videos (even right from a mobile device) and share them online, but you also get access to unlimited video hosting, image-rich hyperlinks (which are a great alternative to traditional text links), viewer analytics, as well as multiple add-ins and extensions to take the versatility of your experience to the next level.

So if all of that sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for, please don’t delay – take advantage of your free trial of Covideo today. You get access to the full screen and webcam recorder for a full seven days and absolutely no credit card is required. If you’re still not convinced, you can also view this demonstration to see exactly what Covideo can do for you.

But once you have a chance to really take Covideo’s webcam recorder for a spin on your own terms, we believe that you’ll quickly wonder how you were ever able to survive for so long without it!


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