What Do Gen Z’ers Expect from College Admissions?

To better recruit and serve the generation that makes up the majority of college campus applicants in America, admission officers should invest in modern communication platforms.

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Who is Gen Z?

Generation Z is a group of people born from 1995 to 2010. In a general sense, this generation is extremely tech-savvy and they are sometimes referred to as the “right now” generation. 

However, Gen Z students value more than just social media and texting; they yearn for financial stability, an applicable degree, and services that support them. 

Provide a Value-Driven Enrollment Process

Students will remember a positive experience over a brochure full of  statistics any day. So, create an enrollment process that resonates with prospective students and ends with them choosing to attend your school.  This is better accomplished with personalized messaging as opposed to generic mass emails.

Another way to appeal to students during the enrollment process is by meeting Gen Zers where they’re at. With that in mind, embrace social media as a way to celebrate and announce incoming students. 

Customize Enrollment Messages

Take the time to understand what motivates incoming students and provide ways to support them during the enrollment process. It’s as simple as providing supportive resources or creating a video email to welcome the student.

Ensure your students are a click away from any material or web page by sending messages with informational links. Communication software, like Covideo, allows you to deliver personalized messages in a one-stop shop platform.

Technology and Face-to-Face Interaction 

“You might be delivering good information—but it’s not as relevant if your delivery methods don’t fit the preferences of your audience.”

This generation doesn’t know a world without the internet, so they are accustomed to instant answers. As a result, plain-text emails are often perceived as archaic unlike video messaging. 

According to an article by the National Association for College Admission Counseling,  “students want face-to-face interaction,” said co-author of Generation Z Goes to College, Meghan Grace. “Admission officers need to take the time to build a face-to-face relationship with prospective students.”

Utilizing video into your enrollment process is an innovative strategy to create personal connection, and is your next best option when meeting face to face isn’t available.

Gen Z’ers Expect Video

As admission officers move forward in the recruitment process they should consider using communication platforms that humanize the enrollment process, express hands-on experiences, and offer supportive resources. 

Start with a communication tool that packages your messages in a form that is up-to-date for savvy-techies but also encompasses personal connection. Video messaging will make a student’s’ enrollment process memorable and positive, while still delivering your information in a quick and current approach.

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