What Is Video Email Anyway?

You know what video is (check) and you know what email is (check, check). But what the heck do people mean by “video email,”? If you want to know what video email is, how it works, and why you should use it, we answer your burning questions in this article.  

What is Video Email?

Video emails are simple videos recorded using a webcam or smartphone, and delivered via email in place of a typical, text-only message. The idea is to send a dynamic, hyper-personalized message that gets noticed and responded to at a significantly higher rate than a plain-text email. Up to 200% higher, in fact. That’s right – video emails are responded to at a 200% higher rate and opened at a 19% higher rate. That’s MIND BLOWING. 

How to Email a Video

Trying to send a video file through your email can pose some challenges. It’s either too big to send, gets caught in spam, or sent as a suspicious-looking attachment. Alternatively, recording and uploading it to a standard video hosting site is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. And with security blocks in place, there’s no guarantee your recipient will even be able to view it. 

Platforms like Covideo sort out these issues. There’s no need to worry about file sizes as videos are hosted on our servers and sent as a rich text link. This is a GIF or an image that is hyperlinked to where the video is streaming). They won’t get caught in spam filters the same way that video attachments do and there’s no need to worry about whether the video will play properly. Just record, send, and track as quickly as typing up a regular email.  

Why Use Video Email

Human beings had little ability to communicate with those who weren’t physically close to them until the past century. Additionally, our brains and biological makeup don’t evolve as rapidly as technology. 

The words we use only account for a fraction of human communication; tone, inflection, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and so on make up the bulk. Seeing another person and hearing their voice fires up neurons that help us recognize faces and understand their expressions and kicks in reactions like mirroring. You see someone smile, you smile. Similarly, if you see someone frown, you frown. 

You absorb this emotional information and respond, making micro decisions about whether we like and trust them in those moments. This “emotional contagion” shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want someone to be as excited as you are, you’re better off conveying that excitement through video.

Additionally, video helps by breaking up the monotony of faceless phone calls and plain text. This lets you stand out in the sea of bland messages that typically fill up your recipient’s’ inbox. 

Because we’re wired to better understand and trust people when we hear and see them, video emails are opened, watched and responded to at much higher rates than regular emails. In short, video email gives you the benefits of face-to-face meetings with the flexibility and convenience of email. 

Now, It’s Time to Start

Ready to start reaping the benefits of video email? Covideo offers a free 7-day trial with full access to our platform. Yes, that includes screen recording, video merging, annotations, video landing pages, and more!

Or, if you want to learn more about how to use Covideo in your business communication, request a demo and someone from our team will show you the ropes. 

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