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What Sales Professionals Can Expect in 2021

Post summary:

  • Technology has empowered buyers, and in turn sales professionals need to adapt to the new buyer.
  • Sales engagement tools are in demand because of their ability to promote sales growth. 
  • In 2021, sales professionals can expect to incorporate sales tools that personalize the buyer’s journey, streamline valuable content to the prospect, and provide sales professionals with data-driven feedback.

A sales enablement can be defined as, “the process and tools that enables the sales force with the right content at the right time to help engage and nurture the prospect through the buyers’ journey.” (Martech Advisor

Based on the chart below, sales enablement tools have increased dramatically over the past seven years. The reason for this increase is due to the rise in buyer power. Buyer power refers to the ability for a consumer to search for information and discover answers for themselves. This shift in knowledge has altered how sales professionals conduct the purchasing process. 

Like the comic above cleverly expresses, modern consumers have expectations when they go through the buying experience. In order to maintain clients and attract new business, sales professionals need to provide positive experiences that foster connections. 

Therefore, sales departments are turning to sales enablement tools. 

These tools provide sales professionals with the latest technology to optimize their communication and closing rate.

B2B Sales Enablement Features

Data-driven Feedback

If you want more insight regarding the performance of you and/or your team, look for a sales enablement tool that has strong analytics and reporting features. For example, Covideo’s software provides video email reports that track views, video engagements, and clicks. 

Learn about your customers by analyzing their video engagement metrics. You may notice the video with the prospect’s name on a whiteboard had higher engagement and views. Use this information to optimize your future video emails.

Noteworthy Data-driven Sales Tools:

Gong and ExecVision are sales enablement tools that record and analyze your sales representatives phone conversations. Both tools will provide insights on how sales reps cold calls affects conversion rates. 

No matter which sales tool you use, data-driven feedback is a feature you can expect to see in 2021!  

Engaging Messaging

Technology has improved our communication more than ever before. 

One emerging sales trend that you can expect to stick around in 2021 is personalized video. Unlike plain-text email, video allows sales professionals to send messages that express non-verbal as well as verbal communication. Sales representatives can call, email, text, or send videos to potential buyers with ease. 

Noteworthy Communication Sales Tools:

Zoom is a video communication software that enables remote conferencing services using cloud computing. 

SalesRabbit brings order to a company’s communication by enabling salespeople to solve, share, and learn from each other. 

Sales departments that invest in communication can expect to see their business relationships strengthen. Better relationships will drive customer satisfaction and increase ROI.


Human interaction is rapidly becoming scarce due to the digitization of some customer-facing jobs. For example, companies are starting to use automatic answering machines or generic emails to serve a customer. Although this saves the company time and money, the buyer’s experience is often jeopardized. According to TrustRadius, “When it comes to B2B, 73% of millennials that work in the space are involved in the technology purchasing process for their companies, and a third are actually the sole decision maker.”

Therefore, it would be wise to provide services geared towards this demographic. Watch the video below to learn more about connecting with Millennials.

Noteworthy Customer-centered Sales Tools:

ClickMeeting is a video conferencing software for webinars, trainings, and online courses.

Make it easier for tech-savvy buyers to find your content by making it appealing 


This next subject is a popular sales trend, and for good reason! Personalization is a powerful tactic because of its ability to specialize a consumer interaction with a brand.

An article from Davidsonbranding.com says, “consumers are looking for brand relationships that feel less robotic and more real regardless of whether they are purchasing an FMCG or luxury good.”

As we make our way into 2021, businesses and consumers alike will expect to find personalization throughout the sales process.

Noteworthy Personalization Sales Tools:

Sigstr offers an email signature marketing platform, so you can standardize brand consistency and drive marketing ROI with every email sent. 

Why You should Invest in Sales Enablement Tools

Almost two thirds of companies that have invested in sales enablement tools have seen positive ROI attribute the success to software. (Spotio) With this success, it’s not surprising that 62% of organizations view tools as the top priority investment in sales enablement.

Sales professionals can expect to see companies utilizing sales enablement tools that provide performance feedback, optimized communication platforms, and personalized customer experiences. 

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