Now that you have decided to try out video marketing, the next step is figuring out what kind of videos or content you can use. The below are some examples we put together to help give you a kickstart:

  • Provide a news roundup: When your company has been hustling around, there is definitely a lot to say but instead of long paragraphs, try sending a Vnews Letter.
  • Show behind-the-scenes: Build customer trust by showing them who you are, what you provide and the effort that goes into providing them that.
  • Preview a new release: Build some excitement and spark interest for a new product or service with a preview video- a sneak peek always gets more attention.
  • Create a tutorial: Show off your expertise and connect with visual learners by creating a helpful tutorial. A tutorial can be a great way to show your products in action and educate your audience on best practices.
  • Say thanks: Everyone loves being appreciated, especially your customers! A personal and heartfelt video expressing your gratitude can be a very impressive moment for them and make them feel valued!

More details and ideas here.