Which industries can profit from video marketing?

Why on Earth are videos so popular and why are they taking the online marketing world by storm? Surely you know it’s impossible to pick a single reason which would explain this phenomenon. Video is an appealing medium that saves prospective clients and customers from reading a brick load of text. It’s informative and provides a way to see a product in action from all possible angles, and if it’s done right there’s a strong possibility that video will cause amazement which steers the prospects right into your capable hands.
By now you’re probably wondering if videos can be useful for your marketing efforts, and the answer is most certainly a yes! Marketers stopped ignoring the potential of video a long time ago, as a matter of fact, more than 90 percent of them are using it in their online marketing endeavors. It’s easy to see how video marketing has become a viable option for all kinds and types of businesses. Today we’re giving you a few examples of how some types of companies can get the best possible results by utilizing video marketing.

Video in the hospitality industry

So you’re working in the hospitality business, maybe managing hotels or restaurants? Here are some hard facts for you. Looking at the Think With Google statistics it’s evident that 96 percent of people are planning their trips online, and what’s even more important for our today’s topic – 46 percent of them watch videos on a regular basis, that number jumps to 66 percent when they begin to seriously plan their travels! More than 60 percent of people set their minds to a destination with the help of travel videos! Also, it’s common for restaurants today to post videos starring their chefs while they prepare exquisite meals, or videos of their guests having a great time while enjoying the delicacies. That’s a fantastic idea for everyone in this type of business.

Video uses in the healthcare industry

Are you managing a hospital or a clinic, a nursing home or maybe a dental business? Adding videos to your marketing campaigns can do wonders here too because this new medium has opened a huge window of opportunity for all kinds of organizations in the healthcare sector. A great idea to start with is coming up with a virtual tour of your practice or clinic. That way you can begin to build a sense of trust and familiarity even before your potential patients walk into the lobby. Video testimonials from happy patients always work wonders too, and you can’t go wrong when you post some how-to videos. Video-based traffic is going to account for 74 percent of all internet traffic by 2017. Enough said.

Video in the beauty industry

Let’s look at it this way – your day spa business or your beauty salon are being used to sell a total experience for all kinds of clients. No, you’re not selling just a plain service, we’re talking about a whole experience package. And when you think about experiences you almost instantly think of emotions, excitements, joy… Invite a video professional to shoot those experiences that you’re offering. There is no better way to share pure emotions than with video. When you post those videos online your prospective clients will have a chance to see how you help your clients achieve their beauty goals. They will understand the whole process and surely they will be impressed with the final results.
As we already told you, we covered just a few examples. Every business can benefit from the offerings of video marketing. Videos are not only powerful and time-saving. Video marketing can deliver a quick return too and help you get a higher rank on Google. If you invest in video marketing today there’s no shadow of a doubt that you’ll be reaping the benefits tomorrow.

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