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Who Said Small Businesses Can't Afford Video?

If you run a small business, you’re aware of how much effort you have to put in achieving your marketing goals. It’s not easy to stand out in a market that’s flooded with companies which are doing the same or similar business. All you want is to stand out a bit more, but you may not have the resources and budget for many marketing and business activities that you wish you could conduct.

Luckily, video, one of the most popular marketing tools today doesn’t require a high budget as many may still believe and it’s the go-to tool to get your small business out there. Today, most small businesses focus on increasing revenue (72%), and according to Wordstream, revenue grows 49% faster year-over-year for businesses that use video marketing compared to those that don’t.

Moreover, 43% of SMBs say that improving customer experience and retention is their top strategy to improve revenue growth. So now that we’re aware of how powerful and necessary video marketing is for small businesses, here are some ideas on how to utilize it:

Lead Follow up video

Writing powerful and personalized sales emails usually start with Lead Follow Up emails. However, implementing video in such emails can increase that level of personalization and help small businesses close more deals a lot faster. You should be straight-forward with you follow up intentions and your video message should be straight to the point. If you’re clear enough when delivering your message, your customers and clients will be able to understand you better and create a more beneficial relationship for both sides.

Teaser videos

It is normal for your business to come across a period with a large gap between releases. And this is fine unless you keep your customers engaged in other ways in the meantime. This is where you can take the chance and record a short teaser to build anticipation. It will get your customers excited for what’s to come and keep them active on your website, social media and others.

Explainer videos

Product explainer videos are the solution to simplifying your customer support’s job, but also your customer’s life. People don’t have time to spend hours searching about all the features of your product. And instead of having your potential customer look elsewhere, provide him/her with a simple product explainer video on your own website or social media platforms.  Studies proved that even four times as many people would rather watch a product video than read about a product. Moreover, these kinds of videos have a high power of persuasion and even 90% of people are influenced by product videos when making purchasing decisions.

Testimonial videos

Another kind of video with amazing persuasion capabilities are testimonial videos. More and more people are oriented towards reading reviews, but just imagine the power of a positive review from your satisfied customer in the form of video. The trust factor will be raised significantly.

Video on your landing page

Add a video to your landing page to activate more of your viewer’s senses and leave a stronger impression. According to Hubspot, video placed on your landing page can increase conversions by even 80%. It will increase the length of time people stay on your page which will give your brand message a better opportunity to sink in.

Tips & How-To’s

If you want to make your products more valuable, a good choice is to record a short video showing your products in action. Include tips and ideas on how your customers can get the most out of your product and don’t forget to mention the benefits that will fulfill your viewers wants, not only their needs.

Special offer videos

It is great to include a special offer now and then. Boost customer loyalty by keeping your customers informed on special prices and offers you wish to offer them. Record a short video presentation about it, add it to your social media platforms, website or share it in your newsletter with your customer base.

Show off your company culture with video

Do you nurture your company culture? If not, start right away! Not only because of your employees, but because of your customers and future employees too! Record a short video showing a typical day at your office and give your audience a sneak peek behind the scenes. It will make them feel closer to you and increase your company’s credibility!

Announce future events with a short video

Are you holding an event? Or are you going to be at an event? If so, you have to let your customers know! Take advantage of video and record a short announcement for your audience.

Complaint resolution videos

Every company, no matter the size will face a customer complaint sooner or later. In order to reduce tension, send your customer a video response to exhibit extra care and concern. This will make your customer feel more appreciated and reduce the possibility of receiving negative live reviews. The trust factor is raised significantly by featuring your employees in this video.
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