Why Consistency Pays Off In Video Marketing

I love blogs.  In the name of research (and idle curiosity) I’ve visited thousands of sites, reading articles on everything from SEO strategies to landscape design.
What does this have to do with video marketing?  A lot, actually.  While I enjoy discovering new blogs, I find that certain sites draw me back, time after time. Content is a major factor, but I also recognize it’s more than that.  It’s consistency.  Articles are consistently and thoughtfully written.  Images are consistently well crafted.  Branding is consistently and creatively threaded throughout.  These sites are more than someone’s ideas haphazardly splashed across a webpage.  They are themed environments designed to spark interaction (comments, shares, Likes, Pins) and sales.
Blogs aren’t the only ones using consistent themes as marketing tools. Themed TV commercials have been used for years to build brands and influence consumer spending.  The Priceline ‘Negotiator’ and Capital One ‘Vikings’ are just two examples.  Insurance giants Allstate and Geico have done an outstanding job of developing not one, but two concurrent advertising themes.  Since 2003, Dennis Haysbert has been the Allstate spokesperson asking, ‘Are you in good hands?’  In 2010, ‘Mayhem’ ads were introduced to target younger consumers.  Both campaigns continue to be successful.  The long-running ‘Caveman’ and ‘Gecko’ ads by Geico, present two very unique and humorous themes that target different demographics without diluting their brand.  No easy task to pull off.
Video marketing can work the same way, though I don’t suggest tackling two themed campaigns right off the bat.  First, decide how to convey the desired image of your company, its products and/or services.  Think long-term.
Establish a basic theme and develop a storyline around a spokesperson or character(s) using animation, humor, drama, or sensational situation as the focal point.  Let the story evolve over time to build anticipation for upcoming videos, but remain true to the premise and maintain a consistent feel.  Be entertaining and informative but above all, directly associate your brand with the message.  Viewers may fail to remember brand names just minutes after watching videos that don’t effectively make the brand association.
Finally, know when it’s time to change themes.  Consistency is important, but staying relevant is just as crucial.  When a theme has run its course, make way for a fresh idea.
Jamie Bidwell is a team member at www.covideo.com. Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate. jamie@covideo.com

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