Why is video a top-notch marketing tool?

You want to stand out from the rest, a better connection with your prospective audience and communicate on a whole new level? You probably think that you need slick marketing skills but achieving those goals is now easier than ever. Day in, day out we are being bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of images and text through our social media timelines so it’s become pretty hard to stand above all the clutter. The only way to do this is to come up with something that’s different, entertaining and easy to digest. Cue the music for video – one single tool with a tremendous potential to make your business noticeable.

Video in marketing

There are many ways for you to add video marketing to your marketing efforts. Maybe you’ll contract an actor, do it yourself or approach your employees to help you with video but the results are going to be in the same ball park – you are going to communicate more of your brand character and that will give you an opportunity to accelerate the relationship curve, and generally connect faster with your prospective clients. But that’s just the beginning, video has the ability to remove any ambiguity from your messages, you have more control over your brand and nobody can’t deny that it’s a more hands-on and personal marketing tool.

What can I do with video?

Many business owners think that videos are a way to attract prospective clients and customers, which is true but you can use video to communicate with your staff, to communicate and educate your existing customers (which is great for strengthening relationships), inform stakeholders, etc. If you own an established business and your website is on the first page of Google searches you probably thought that you don’t have to bother with video? Here is a fact that will have your mind spinning: by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic is projected to be video! Even if you made it to the top you know how hard it is to fend of the sharks. Here is how video can affect any business:

  • The results are immediate! A thought-through video campaign can result with new clients in a matter of days when you use Instagram or Facebook.
  • Blazing fast rankings! Indexed videos have a 50 times greater chance to show up on the first page of search results than any text and image page in the index. Your website will have higher rank too.
  • A more recognizable brand! Having your video ranked on the first can have a huge impact on your branding and your traffic if you’re a local business. You saw all those video thumbnails while sifting through search results and you probably remember some of the details even if you avoided clicking on that video. That’s how people will remember you and your brand!

The old-school, long-form landing page is being outweighed by smart video content. This year we are going to see videos that raise product accessibility and convert all kinds of different demographics. It’s never too soon to jump aboard the video marketing train.

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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