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Why is video the most powerful marketing tool?

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | March 10th, 2015

Video is proving to be the most powerful digital marketing tool available.


Here are some of the core reasons why video belongs in your marketing plan…


When your brain makes a decision, it requires emotional input. For that reason, video has all other marketing technologies beat. No other technology is better at incorporating emotion than video. Video speaks to both the brain’s visual and auditory systems.

This allows for the use and integration of social cues such as body language, facial expressions, imagery and audio sources. When these systems are triggered it creates an emotional bond that will ultimately influence how a person reacts to specific content. According to WireBuzz, “Studies show that over 80% of people confess to being more inclined to buy a product after watching a video about it.” There is something about seeing a person’s face that allows us to connect on a human level. It is the basis on which we build trust. Video allows you to be more “in sync” with your viewers, enabling you to reinforce your message with more than just words.

People are able to see you, understand your intentions and develop a relationship with you and your brand. Learn more about the benefits of video, specifically in increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign here.