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Why Millennials love video marketing?

By: Jason Cooper | December 15th, 2015

Why is video so important? Because 80% of millennials use video to help them decide which products to purchase.

Brands that successfully market to millennials are primed to profit. This requires brands meeting millennials where they already are, video. How should you best reach them with video? Email marketing and mobile!

It’s in the stats.

  • 1 in 2 millennials will read an email from a company if it includes video.
  • 6 in 10 millennials prefer to watch a company video than read a newsletter.
  • 48% of millennials only watch videos on their mobile device.
  • Millennials are 3X more likely than baby boomers to watch a video on their mobile device.


Bonus Tips

  • Make demo videos! 85% of millennials find product demos helpful.
  • Tell your customers stories. 69% of millennials find customer testimonials helpful.


Lucky for you, Covideo’s video email provides both the benefits of email marketing and mobile capabilities. Take the opportunity to make an impression on consumers that will make you the most profit.
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