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5 Reasons Why Video Content Works Better Than Text

When comparing text and video, there really is no competition in sight. In terms of customer engagement, the chances of capturing your viewer’s attention is much higher when video is used, as opposed to plain text.

That’s why you should be using video to strengthen the emails and messages you send out to customers, prospects, and team members every single day. Video captures what the cursor can’t and almost always – beats out plain text any day.

Statistics comparing video vs. text

There are some obvious facts about the difference between text and video, ie. it’s more engaging and entertaining, however, there’s more to this comparison than you might think. And for those of you who are still unsure about the power of video, we have some statistics that may change your mind.

According to IdeaRocket, the average user watches about 206 videos per month, and 59% of senior executives claim that if both text and video about a specific topic are available, they’re more likely to choose video. 

There are even more statistics that reveal why video content is better than text. According to numbers, consumers prefer video even more than marketers! Take a look at some additional video versus text statistics:

  • Users spend 88% more time on a website that contains a video
  • Short videos (under 2 minutes) get the most engagement
  • Video content generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined

This data shows that the digital and community is rapidly growing, with no signs of slowing down. Some research even suggests that 82% of internet traffic will be video by 2021.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why video is the perfect tool to implement in your marketing, sales, customer service, and business strategies.

1. Video content is easy to create.

With all-new technology and video-making programs available, it has become effortless to create a video on your own. It no longer requires expensive, high-end video equipment in order to record a video. Rather, all you need a built-in webcam on either your computer or smartphone. Likewise, there are many video apps, software, editors, etc. available for you to enhance your videos and simplify the process of sending a video.

In addition, with all the options readily available to you, video content has become even faster to produce than text. It takes just as much time to take out your phone and record a short video, as it would to type out and craft a grammar free email to send out.

2. Video content is rich.

Did you know that the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Video uses visual aesthetics and audio to paint the whole picture, and better convey the whole story. 

Not only is it a more entertaining way to consume content, but it’s easier to comprehend the information when it’s in this digital format. Chances are – an individual will take away much more from a 2 minute video compared to reading two minutes of text. It’s fast and efficient, which is why businesses are using it across all departments. 

Furthermore, no longer is video limited to the marketing department. These days professionals are making sales videos, using video in their customer service departments, communicating internally via video. It’s a powerful tool that makes an impact on the viewer and adds back in  a personal touch to communication. 

3. Video content engages viewers and drives action.

Words just aren’t as engaging as video – it’s as simple as that. Video has the power to evoke strong emotions through visual and auditory cues. This aids greatly in getting recipients to engage with your emails. 

Not only does video engage your audience, but it encourages them to take action. Analytics by KISSmetrics found that videos that include calls-to-action produce 380% more clicks than alternative CTA options, like buttons or written text. Always include a call to action at the end of your video to guide your viewers next steps and drive action. This small addition is key to creating effective sales videos and has much more power when delivered through video over text.

4. Video content is memorable.

Most people need visual aids to learn, which could be a primary reason as to why many prefer video over text. Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message as compared to 10% if reading it in text.

Video conveys visual cues like body language, tone of voice, and eye contact which are essential for drawing emotions and reactions. Emotions play a significant role in retaining information. If a video has a strong impact on an individual’s emotions, they are likely to retain even more information.

Let’s consider video vs. text in a business setting. Typically, our inboxes are oversaturated with plain text emails. Sending a video email is like a breath of fresh air that helps you stand out from the crowd, and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 

5. Video is attention grabbing. 

Visuals attract viewers’ eyes much more effectively than text does. This same attention grabbing factor also applies to your email inbox. Everyday you probably trudge through dozens and dozens of emails, but how many of those emails included a video? If one did, it would likely be a breath of fresh air in a crowded world of text. This extra attention leads to higher engagement.  

The Final Verdict: Video vs. Text

The power of video over text should not be understated. Video content has the ability to  boost conversions, dramatically improve brand awareness,  and open the door to new business opportunities. It’s important to note that the more you lean into your video strategy and use video as a powerful business tool, you are going to see better results. Make recording and sending videos a daily habit, and track analytics to determine their success.

If using video in sales and to grow your business intrigues you, then Covideo is here to help.  Covideo is a sales enablement tool that allows you to record and send personalized videos emails to prospects, clients, and customers in a more personal, and impactful way. Try Covideo free for 7 days with a free trial. Or contact us and a member of our team will be happy to chat about the power of video over text and how video can impact your business. 

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