SaaS and Video

Why Video is the Secret Weapon for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies use a unique method of software delivery allowing data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Software vendors take care of the servers, databases and code so that their customers can enjoy remote access to software applications and data.

Because access to this type of product is so virtual, the simple act of purchasing and installing a software license suddenly becomes so complex.
These days, with the abundance of SaaS companies promoting their software and services, the ideal solution for potential clients is easily blurred.

Sharpen the picture with video!

Video is the super power marketing tool for your SaaS company that you didn’t even know you needed. Video has the power to give your SaaS company a competitive advantage. Competitors in today’s market present a huge challenge, but video can give you a sustainable advantage by helping you connect with, educate and convert your audience.


One of the greatest advantages of using video in your SaaS product marketing strategy, is the ability to connect with your customers. Videos allow you to tell stories that engage the viewer in ways that text cannot. Video provides that human touch and emotion, forging human connections in ways that other media can’t.

Emotional connections are a huge factor in purchasing decisions. The majority of buyers make an emotional purchase decision and then rationalize afterwards. This also translates to monetary value. Customers that feel connected to a certain brand (your brand) have a higher lifetime value and are much less price sensitive than other consumers. They’re also more likely to advocate for your business.

To make the most out of your videos, you have to understand your audience first. Making a human connection on an individual level is no easy feat. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re on the right track:

  • Understand your audience and know what type of solution they are looking for.
  • Think about your audience as one single viewer (it’s okay to have more than one of these).
  • Don’t try to speak to everyone at once. Rather, create a number of smaller videos with unique messages for each audience.
  • It’s okay if your video is perfectly imperfect. The message you are sending is more important than the production value of the video.


An overwhelming number of buyers want the materials to be able to make educated decisions, and are willing to take the steps needed to get that information. Instead of letting them search all over the web, why not make the discovery process easy by providing an educational video? Doing so will help potential buyers make an informed purchase decision, and boost the perception of your brand.

How can you leverage the power of video to educate your customers? Here are our top three favorite uses:

  1. Provide an answer to the question: What does this product do? Customers need to have a clear understanding of how your tool solves their problem before they make their purchase.
  2. Explain how to use the product. Aside from the problem-solving aspect, customers also need to have a good grasp on how they can use your product or service.
  3. Demonstrate the value of your product. Video helps demonstrate the value of your product better than text because viewers are able to see your tool in action. They can see other people solving problems that are similar to their own. Simply seeing someone else caring helps to humanize your product.


The most difficult part in the entire process? Getting customers to convert. Customers want to be 1000% (yes, one-thousand percent) sure that they are choosing the right tool to solve their problem. Remember the old saying, “people buy from the people that they know, like and trust”? It still holds true – people want to trust the sales reps they are buying from.

These days, customers are increasingly consuming content in order to boost their feeling of control over their knowledge of the product and industry. Customers need to have the utmost confidence over their buying decisions, and videos can help viewers better understand your company’s commitment to the customer experience.

Your company can use video to inspire the confidence to convert! Try one of these ideas:

  • Provide a video explaining WHY your product is helpful. Customers need to understand exactly why they need your product and what problem it will help them solve.
  • Add a video to your email or landing page. Let’s be honest, people are drowning in content whether they’re scrolling on social media or opening up their Gmail inbox. Get your message across in a faster and more interesting way by including a video.

Leveraging the power of video

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some of the many ways SaaS companies can use video.

Product Promotion

Lots of SaaS companies face a unique challenge when they try to promote their products. Their products are virtual and often have complex functions, making it difficult to thoroughly explain the nature of the product. Since there is no physical product to promote, many companies struggle to relay the complicated technical information that goes hand in hand with the product. Many business owners are tempted to show off their software and all of the cool features that they offer.

Enter the explainer video. Super informative explainer videos help potential customers understand how your software solves their problem.

Shameless product plug! Your video doesn’t even have to be very technical to get this message across either. Using video to tell a story is much more appealing to customers and can be highly effective in relaying your company’s message.

Company Story

SaaS companies can also use video to share their company story in just a few minutes. Videos that give some background on your business, and engage the viewer, allow you to establish a stronger connection to the customer. In turn, customers are more likely to purchase your software.

Training Programs

Many training programs have an abundance of content and important information that can easily be converted into video. This is the perfect medium for providing customers with a good understanding of your product and how it can solve their problems. Plus, because SaaS applications are updated more frequently than traditional software (usually on a weekly or monthly basis), video updates can help customers stay up to date with the product. Another added bonus? Videos can showcase new releases to customers and demonstrate how they can benefit from it, or how the new features function.

Customer Support

Video can be used to provide quick responses to customers who need support. Customer service representatives can record a quick video to answer a customer’s question or walk them through an issue for more efficient communication. People naturally process visual information much more quickly than text, making video the ideal tool for capturing your customers’ attention.

Next time, instead of attempting to explain something complicated in a long-worded email, send over a personalized video!

Demo Videos

These types of videos are essentially your product’s close-up.
When it comes to giving prospective buyers a taste of your product, SaaS companies can’t go wrong with videos. The beauty of SaaS is that everything is online, meaning that no demos need to be shipped or downloaded when you show and tell via video. Think of it as the demo before the demo.

Unless your audience is familiar with your software, your product might come off too complex or abstract to them.  This is where videos are super helpful! A more detailed product demo is an excellent solution for potential customers who are considering different options, or are at the stage where they’re ready to buy. Demo videos allow you to showcase specific parts of your platform in a deeper and more detailed level

It’s easy to include a CTA button on your website or in your email signature where customers can “Request a Demo”. *Note: To maximize the life of these videos, be sure to highlight the main functionalities of your software that you know won’t be receiving too much of a face lift. Leave step-by-step walk-throughs for training programs or quick video responses, and focus on how specific technical features can benefit your users. This type of information will always remain valuable, even if slight changes to the interface are made in the future.


Testimonials provide a great way to establish trust with your potential customers and website visitors. Customer success videos give viewers a glimpse into your company, a peek at what it would be like to work with your people and the kind of results your company can deliver.
Talk about making an impact.

Knowing where your audience is at, and creating a video with a specific purpose in mind, will help you target your videos more effectively.

Break It Down

Breaking your content down into bite-sized pieces works wonders for giving your videos more mileage (like this Quick Start video). Instead of trying to squeeze all of your information into one video, extract parts of your product demo to create “snackable” content. These videos can be easily shared on social media with a call to action inviting users to “learn more” by visiting your website or sending them to a landing page where they can “watch the full video.”

There you have it!

Now you know how your SaaS company can leverage videos to:

  • Tell your STORY
  • Get more users to SIGN UP

The possibilities are endless! Make videos a priority in your marketing strategy and watch your sales skyrocket.

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