Why Video Works

We are currently living in the age of video. By 2021 over 80% of all Internet traffic will be video and close to 1 million minutes will cross the internet every second. But many out there are still unsure of this trend and how it applies to them.

Using video is one of the best sales tools – it’ll be the secret weapon in your sales toolkit. So as you start developing a sales toolkit, here are some reasons why a video messaging platform should be included in the lineup.

Why Use Video

Attention grabbing

The online world is over-saturated with content and attention is a valuable resource. Oftentimes, the most difficult aspect of sales is getting in contact with prospects – and the best way to capture their attention is using video as a sales tool. 

Using a sales software like Covideo allows you to enhance your outreach by recording and sending personalized messages to your prospects. These videos help you get your foot in the door because they stand out in the inbox. That’s why Covideo has become such a common sales tool for sales reps. We’ve become used to a flooding inbox filled with lengthy plain text emails. But – imagine if you saw a video, embedded in the email, with a friendly face and a message that was personalized just for you. You’d be a bit intrigued, right? 

Even better, 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video and 90% say that it helps when making the decision.

Higher retention rates

If you’ve grabbed your viewer’s attention, you’ll also want to retain it. And they’re more likely to stick around if you have a video for them to watch. People spend 88% more time on websites that have videos. However, keep in mind that attention won’t last forever. Shorter videos get the most engagement with 60% of viewers stopping after two minutes. 

More memorable 

It’s great if your content is getting attention, but that attention is useless if they walk away not remembering any of it. 95% of a message is remembered when watching a video as opposed to just 10% for text. Video also adds the benefit of non verbal communication through body language and facial expressions which helps with memory retention.

Human connection 

At Covideo, we think the best reason to use video is to build deeper relationships. By using personalized video email, you get to put a face to your name. When the viewer can see you, it becomes easier to build trust, create a deeper connection and makes you more relatable. And being able to communicate authentically with your audience is one of the best sales management techniques to speed up the sales cycle and close more opportunities.

Add video to your sales kit 

So let’s review, video is successful because it grabs attention, has high retention rates, is more memorable, and adds that crucial human connection to your message. If you’re looking for sales tools for b2b outreach, consider incorporating video prospecting and outreach into your sales strategy. 

If you’re looking to make a splash in your sales role, you’ll need to do something different, something that will truly reach and resonate with your audience. Let video be your sales opportunity tool and see the impact it has on your business. Not only does it offer a medium to get your foot in the door with your prospects, but once you reach them, it also allows you to communicate authentically and how you would in person. 

Interested in adding Covideo into your sales toolkit software stack – add it today with our 14-day free trial. 

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