Why You Need a Video Sales Tool

Today, it doesn’t matter what you sell. How you sell is the factor that separates you from everyone else. This is why you should use a video sales tool.

Attracting new leads is one of the most vital parts of your business. That’s why we’re giving you some advice on how to use video in sales and how it can benefit your business. Your buyers want your video content. If you work in sales, you will understand the following statistics:

54% of people want to see more video content from marketers. From the consumers’ point of view, almost 95% of them have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service just by watching a brand’s video. 72% of users prefer video than text to learn about a product or a service.Using video in sales isn’t expensive. People think that businesses have to invest massive amounts of money into gear, production, studios, or editing software. However, you can achieve what you want with video by using your mobile phone, basic camcorder, or even webcam. Customers mostly crave videos that are descriptive or demonstrative. Check out how you can sell furniture by using a video sales tool:

More than 58% of consumers claim that businesses which regularly produce video content are more trustworthy. Moreover, these companies also get more engagement and leave positive impressions on various channels, such as social media. Consumers even declared they would like to see more video content in the following niches: electronics, restaurants, travel, and fitness.

Using a video sales tool to sell changes the process of buying

Knowing that buyers tend to rely on reviews, ads, and word of mouth to evaluate a product is nothing new. Yet, purchase behavior has changed and video content plays a significant role in these changes. Video sells, and that’s a fact. For example, in the past year, 40% of YouTube users searched the product on the platform to learn more about it before they bought it.

People want to watch other people demonstrating the features and characteristics of the products, instead of reading all about it in blog posts or online reviews. The consistency, the gloss, the structure, and true color are things that cannot be portrayed in enough detail through written text.

Customers want to see it for themselves. Video content increases sales in the jewelry industry and the auto industry, too. People want to see somebody driving the car of their interest and hear their opinion. More and more dealerships are using video in sales because they can present more while spending less at the same time. Also, providing buyers with a personalized video experience instills an additional level of trust. Two people can have distinctive points of interest when buying a car – someone wants to see the command board; others are concerned about the size of the trunk. That’s why personalized video emails from a video sales tool can also step up your sales game.

You can boost your SEO by using a video sales tool to sell online

Video content on your website will impact your SEO rankings. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what you do to grow your visibility on search engine results pages. If your ranking is higher, then more people will see your page when searching for a relevant term. That means they’ll be stumbling across your products, reading your content, and getting more aware of your brand

The use of video in your SEO efforts has several benefits: higher click-through rates, lower bounce rates, and quality backlinks.

If you include video in your sales efforts on your website, such as demonstrations, walk-through, fittings, promo offers, DIYs, or any other type of help, people will stay longer on your website. The longer they are on your site, the more familiar they get with your brand. 

Create short and explanatory video content on your website. Make it attractive and engaging, but also educational. Create video content that people will want to watch, not just to fill the blank spaces on your site.

If you’re selling a particular product, show it from different angles, describe what it consists of, and how people can use it in their everyday life. Enable them to share that content via various social media channels or via email to get more views and clicks.

However, video alone won’t skyrocket your website onto Google’s SERP page, but it will capture people’s attention and make a positive impact.

Video on social media gets the most attention

If you have social media profiles, use it to post content every day. That way, you’ll keep your brand fresh in the mind of your followers. Businesses sometimes decide not to post frequently on their social media platforms, because they don’t know what to post. But, there is always something important enough to share. Your current customers’ questions are the perfect source for your content. Video content gets the most attention on social media. Make sure to create videos just as you would for your website:to educate, to inspire, to resolve doubts, and to make people aware of your company.

Many popular brands started including video in sales via Live Q&A sessions: those who’re interested in buying ask all sorts of questions regarding the product and get the answer right away.If there won’t be any questions, you can still promote a special offer, or make an exclusive demonstration.

Encourage people to create video content, too.  If you have a list of your current customers, get them involved, and ask them to record a video testimonial for you. Reward them for their effort by organizing a giveaway, sharing their video content to create a viral effect, and make use of someone else’s creativity.

In summary…

It’s clear that people want to see video content, especially before making a purchase. To dramatically increase your sales and to establish an unbeatable level of trust, you have to give your customers what they want. Instead of a cold call, try to meet the person on the other end, gain information about your contacts through their social media, and serve their interest by including video content on your website.

How will video messages work for you?

In general, one of the biggest components of your sales toolkit will be the sales toolkit software that you choose to use on a regular basis. These days, the process simply isn’t complete without the sales process tools that businesses need to remain on the cutting edge.

Sales software and sales tools for sales reps don’t just make the process easier – they help you eliminate waste from your sales process, all in a way that allows your employees to work smarter, not harder, at the exact same time.

By far, one of the most effective sales tools for B2B and B2C brands in particular is Covideo – a solution that was built from the ground up with you in mind. Covideo is one of the rare types of sales tools that can be used throughout ALL phases of the sales cycle. It’s a video messaging tool that allows you to record and send videos, all while sharing them via email, text and more.

You know what works for you and your sales kit letter isn’t supposed to reinvent the wheel – instead, it’s supposed to reinforce what is already there. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that if you’re new to creating a sales kit, don’t even worry about the sales kit design. The content is what’s most important. If the quality content you need isn’t available, the best design in the world isn’t going to be able to help you.

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