Why You Shouldn’t Send Holiday Cards This Season

Approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards are purchased by Americans each year, with 1.6 billion coming from Christmas cards. And despite our digital age, this number continues to climb. Throughout the year, there’s been an addition 44 million cards sent out compared to last year. 

Sending seasons greetings to current customers is a great way to keep in touch and stay top of mind. But, not all messages should be structured the same, and some may require an additional personal touch. 

Rather than sending photo holiday cards in the mail, consider using video email to deliver your messages. 

We get it, sending a holiday email doesn’t carry the same emotional weight. And no, we’re not talking about sending a mass marketing email out to your entire customer base. Instead, consider sending personalized video emails to add authenticity to your holiday greetings. 

Adding a Personal Touch 

So many people still send holiday cards because it feels more authentic than sending a digital message via email or text. But with the right platform, you can make the most of digital greetings.

Video email allows you to personalize your message, adds some personality, and comes across as more sincere.

These videos don’t need to be a full production and don’t take long either. Simply record a message right from your phone or desktop. 

For example, imagine if you sent a video email to that long term client of yours. “Hey Jack, your friends here at Covideo just wanted to wish you and your team Happy Holidays! Thanks for all your support over the years, and we’re looking forward to helping your team accomplish their goal of reducing the sales cycle into 2020. It’s been a pleasure working with you again this year, and we will talk again in the new year. Happy holidays!”

Recording this message takes you less time than typing out the perfect email then proofreading it. Nowadays, we receive so many holiday cards and emails that few of them truly stand out. But with personalized video, your message will leave a profound impact.

Save time AND the environment (it’s the little things!)

Sending out Christmas cards is no enjoyable task. With personalized video, you eliminate the paper cuts, thumb cramps from writing addresses, and no one even has to lick a single envelope. Score! 

Also, sending holiday cards is no small task. While the process may seem convenient since you’re sending one design to the printer, there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Once you receive your cards, you still need envelopes, stamps, labels, etc. It adds up quick. Ditch the paper and go digital – it’ll be your extra gift to the environment this season!

Cost Effective

Speaking of adding up, we haven’t even addressed the overall cost. On average, we spend $2 billion in holiday cards a year. The average card costs $1.20; plus once you add in the price of the extras like envelopes, stamps, labels and multiply it all by 50-100, it really adds up. 

Video email is a cost effective way to save some money this holiday season. Most people automatically assume that creating videos comes with a high price tag, but with Covideo this isn’t the case. Covideo’s software offers an easy solution at a simple price. We offer different pricing packages based on the size of you team, or you can purchase an individual subscription based for your personal needs. Click here for more information on pricing or contact us. 


To add that final festive touch, send your personalized videos with one of Covideo’s holiday templates. These range from a winter snowfall, Christmas at the beach, Happy Hanukkah, and more. Check them out for yourselves with a free trial of Covideo. 

Sending personalized video e-greetings are a great way to practice utilizing video email. Then, you’ll be ready to implement it into your 2020 strategy and start the year off strong!

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