How to Win Customers Back With Video

Everyone knows that customer loyalty is the gift that keeps on giving.
It’s also much more difficult to acquire new customers than it is to keep an old one. However, for one reason or another, certain customers will leave you at some point.
We’ve dedicated this blog to share with you why they left in the first place, and how you can win customers back with video.

Why do customers leave in the first place?

They had a bad experience

Statistically, 68% of customers leave a business due to a poor customer experience. Perhaps the sales rep the customer was speaking to seemed a little annoyed, or maybe they seemed completely indifferent to the entire situation.
To your employees, this might just be another random customer they’ll forget about by the end of the day. However, you can be 100% certain that your customer will remember that experience the next time they think about coming your way.
Although most companies teach their employees that the customer always comes first, there still may be times when a customer walks away unhappy. In this case, the best thing you can do is to immediately remedy the situation. Promise the customer that the situation won’t repeat itself, or offer them a discount on their next purchase. The more quickly you respond, the more likely a customer will be to give you a second chance.

Their loyalty isn’t rewarded

The majority of businesses nowadays offer some sort of loyalty program. The average American household is involved in 29 rewards programs, but are only actively using 12 of them.
What can be gathered from these statistics is that the loyalty program itself isn’t enough to keep customers coming back.
Rewarding customers for their business is vital for keeping their loyalty. Simple offers like occasional discounts, free samples with a purchase, or letting them try out new products before their official release can really make a customer feel valued.

They found a better deal somewhere else

Truth be told, customers can be completely satisfied with your product or service, but if they aren’t saving money, they’ll keep looking for the right deal.
If the customer finds a comparable product or service elsewhere, and for a better deal, they are likely to take it. This means that you need to ensure that your deals are at the top of their mind. Send them a personalized video email detailing a new package that you’re offering, or let them know that their favorite product is on sale. This is a “no-brainer” – the customer already knows they like your product, and now they’ll know that they can get an even better deal on it.

How can you win customers back with video?

Woo them back with retargeting

Let’s say a customer visits your website, tosses a few items into their cart, and clicks out of your store before completing the transaction. For whatever reason, you no longer need to sit back and watch your prospective buyers drift away.
By using retargeting, you might be able to track them down and win customers back with video. The customers that visited your site (and put items into their cart) are already showing interest in your company. You can woo them back by running ads that educate shoppers on an expiring special offer, or reminding them that they left some unpurchased items in their cart.
Make the ads more interesting and visually appealing by making them videos! Short and attractive videos make customers more likely to engage and increase the probability that they will convert.

Use personalized video to win trust

When a customer purchases your product, they’re not just buying material goods. They’re buying into your company and your team.
Customers want to see who’s behind your company. They value real communication with real people, not just recycled emails and customer service robots.
This is exactly how you can win customers back – with video!
Sales and customer support teams are now using video to:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Follow up with new leads
  • Summarize conversations
  • Provide detailed support
  • Answer questions
  • Deliver “thank you” messages

The personal touch that video provides really reveals the human side of your business. Using video helps create trust in you and your brand while strengthening relationships in the long term.
By using a super personalized approach, you make clients feel special and more connected to your brand.
For example: When was the last time you called back a salesperson that left you a voicemail?
According to Coach Tactics, 90% of first time voicemails are never returned. That’s why our team at Covideo uses personalized video email to reach out to new prospects, introduce themselves and start conversations.
Check out this video by Makenzie:

How could you resist responding to someone taking the time to craft a video message tailored specifically to you?
Video is invaluable when it comes to evoking responses.

Rehumanize your connection and win customers back with video

The conventional route is already laid out for you. Send a traditional email, follow up with an old-school voicemail, and close with an in-person meeting.
But video is on a whole other level.
Adding video to your sales cycle or customer support strategy humanizes your business and helps put a face to a name.
Once customers get a taste of your video messages, you can be certain that your communication will remain memorable.
The greatest benefit of having loyal customers is the fact that they will spread the word about your business. They’ll tell coworkers about it, family, friends, and business partners. This means that you’ll begin seeing new customers in no time, simply by using the power of video.
Do you want to win customers back with video? Get started today with Covideo’s 14-day free trial.

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