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With Covideo I am more than just a salesperson!

Sales trainer, keynote speaker, NFL referee are just some of the words that refer to Bryan Neale. In short, Bryan Neal is the CEO of  Blind Zebra. He has been using Covideo for more than a year. Therefore, it became the essential part for his sales training and coaching sessions for other companies.

For his business, Covideo has a few crucial functions. First of all, he uses it in the podcasts as a great way of communicating to his listeners. Bryan said that Covideo is an essential component at the beginning and end of his sales process. In fact, it allows him to stand out in a sea of competition. “I utilize it to stand out in the sales function, especially when I get to the end of sales process and things stall out, and I feel like traditional methods aren’t working. It is an excellent way for me to jump out and have a unique approach”, Bryan explained. Also, with less opportunity to do business face-to-face, video email gives him the opportunity to put a face to the name at the beginning of the sales process. For him, the greatest power of Covideo is that it adds a human touch: “ It humanizes me as a person first and as a salesperson second.”

Covideo provides video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively with easy-to-make personalized videos.

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