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Cold calling videos, a new sales strategy

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Cold Call Videos: A New Sales Strategy

If you are wondering “what is cold calling in sales,” the cold calling process usually entails making outbound calls to prospects with the goal to set a meeting. In this meeting, you can demo your product or discuss more about how your solution can help. Cold call prospecting, and cold call videos in particular, is vital because it is the most direct method of increasing a customer base.

Any guide to cold calling can provide language tips on sounding friendly and not taking the first “no” for a final answer. However, the reality is cold calling examples don’t account for the fact that most salespeople hate calling total strangers to try to make quick sales. What is worse, most people don’t enjoy receiving solicitation calls. The necessity of these revenue-enhancing calls and the general unpopularity of the process has led the drive for a solution.

The best cold calling tip is to use personalized videos. Unlike consistent phone calls to strangers, cold call videos allow a warmer and more human approach to prospecting. There is no remote replacement for a warm smile and visual examples of the product. But unlike visiting in person or jumping on a meeting, the prospect can open and watch the video on their schedule.

What is a cold call?

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand what is cold calling and the value it brings to your sales strategy. Cold calling is an outreach method where a sales rep will call a prospect or lead who has not expressed interest into the product or service. Now, in most instances, you are not blindly calling just any random individual off the street. Instead, you and your team should build a list of contacts that can actually benefit from your product or solution. This may require a bit more time and research, but will drastically increase your chances of converting the contact into a working lead. In the past, sales teams were fully reliant on cold calling to generate new business; however, now there are some new top of the funnel trends that have emerged and shown to be just as effective.

New cold calling techniques

As mentioned, some salespeople find the cold calling process unpleasant. As a result, they may wonder how effective is cold calling? Curating a great cold call list is only a beginning. The reality is, while the process can be effective for some, it should not be the sole prospecting method. It is also important to know that finding cold calling techniques that really work is critical to supporting the sales staff.

The best cold calling tips and tricks will vary for different products and selling organizations. Many products are nearly impossible to sell without some kind of demonstration or visual presentation. In addition, the sales team is using the cold call script to get appointment opportunities with potential clients or to set-up a product demo.

Cold Call Videos 101

Regardless of the end goal, cold call videos are among the most effective telemarketing and cold calling techniques. None of the other cold calling tips to get a meeting are as effective in establishing a genuine connection with the potential customer. Unlike telemarketing calls, personalized video emails can help the company stand out from the crowd. Business to business customers want to know that they are working with innovative supporting companies that will help them achieve their goals in the future. And not to mention, sending your message in the form of video helps convey transparency and trust, which are essential components in the sales process.

In addition, these personalized messages are a great way to provide an authentic touch and help form a relationship with the consumer. After all, for many potential customers, knowing what kind of customer service they will experience and can expect is critical for moving forward. Giving them a face with the presentation can help to create trust in the company personnel. Using a cold call script to get a meeting does not get any more effective than including a smile and visual information.

The power of cold call videos

A personalized sales video accomplishes the best of all worlds. The smiling face and detailed visual presentation can provide a personal connection and clear communication of benefits. At the same time, using video in sales emails instead of personal visits can reduce travel costs and allow a broader geographic range of contacts. The consumers don’t have to schedule a time for a first impression sales pitch. Instead, they can view the video message whenever they have a free moment.

Covideo’s Cold Call Video Software

But how does video prospecting and prospecting in personal selling work in a practical sense? Instead of sending plain text or impersonal emails, a salesperson can record a message using a personalized video email software such as Covideo. The basic sales message does not change, it is just delivered in a different format. Best of all, the process is simple. The salesperson records a quick 30-second video. The script for the video should include an introduction, purpose for the contact, and the expected customer benefits from the product. At the end of the video, a specific call to action will let the viewer know what to do next.

The short video format of Covideo is designed to increase engagement, especially since this is likely the first contact. The personalized video email is designed to be highly bespoke. The salesperson should say the recipient’s name and the company immediately. The video should also mention some pain points they might be experiencing. Using video for sales works best when the consumer can hear the time spent researching their specific circumstances.

After recording the short video, the video landing page can be customized with clickable call-to-action buttons. The buttons should include actionable next steps like “Schedule a meeting.” The video is immediately visible when the prospect opens your email, increasing the chances that they will watch and hear your message.

With Covideo, you receive real-time email notifications that indicate your video has been viewed. This allows for a timely sales follow-up email to the prospect while they are still engaged and your message is top of mind. To learn more about how to use video prospecting in your sales routine and cold calling process, complete this quick form and someone from our team will walk you through the details.

How to make sales calls and outreach entertaining

One of the best advantages of cold call videos is the ability to personalize the message. It is true that a phone call can be personalized in terms of writing a script that includes information about the potential client. However, the visual reality of video presentations provides unprecedented opportunities to catch the potential client’s attention. Those who understand how to make sales call fun can increase the audience’s connection in nearly every case.

The best cold call lines are those that give the potential customer a great reason to watch the video. If the targeted company has an anniversary coming up, use Covideo’s celebration-themed video landing page! If the email is being sent around a holiday or certain season, use one of Covideo’s seasonal video landing pages! With Covideo, you can even send your video on top of an existing webpage, but after they finish watching your video, they are dropped on the webpage you chose. This not only adds an authentic touch to prospecting, but it keeps the viewer engaged from that first interaction.

Building an Effective Sales Strategy

As an expert in marketing will know, sales tactics work best when used as part of an overall strategy. The comprehensive sales package should include different methods and techniques for reaching people, including cold calling, video cold calling – (better known asvideo prospecting) and in-person outreach. At the end of the day, even those who know how to make a sales call need a sales toolkit full of the best sales tools to keep the outreach innovative, and fresh. This will create an effective sales strategy that is fun for all involved.

Having an overall strategy can also provide some opportunities for engaging campaigns around themes. A company celebrating an anniversary may enjoy a video presentation email, followup phone call, and physical mail all revolving around the theme of birthday greetings. Salespeople who struggle with knowing how to open a cold call may appreciate a helpful theme.


Sales script example

Keep in mind that cold calling scripts are only intended to be general guides. No consumer wants to sit through a video from a salesperson clearly reading from a script. The goal is to connect on a personal level the way you would speak in person. Contact us for more sales script examples.


Example Cold Call Video Script:

“Hey [Prospect], It’s Ross from Covideo. It was a pleasure chatting with you and learning a little bit more about [prospect’s job/company]. [why are you contacting the prospect] I want to take this time to share with you a little more about and how we can help you in your role as a [name position] Director of Sales. [Describe product/service] Covideo allows you to record, send, and track your video emails. As we get to know each other a bit more we can brainstorm some ideas on where [name product/service] will fit. Everyone is different so how you use Covideo may look different compared to how your coworker uses Covideo. So, I’ve inundated you with enough information for now, please take some time to meditate on this and share it with the rest of your team. Then, I’ll be excited for our go-no go call in [month]. Thanks you so much for your time and have a great day.”


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The above is an example of a cold script, but this is only one version. We can also provide a warm calling script, or follow up sales call script examples. Ask our sales team for a link to an ebook we have for cold calling scripts for car sales. We can also provide guidance on real estate cold calling scripts and more.

The bottom line: We are committed to your ongoing success. Your people are your greater asset and the biggest difference between you and your competitors. When you sign your team up for Covideo, you receive a dedicated Account Manager who will train you on the software, show you best practices and the most effective video cold calling techniques. Let us help you leverage that asset into revenue growth and a larger customer base. To learn more about how we can help you grow,request a demo, or   start a 7 day free trial


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