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Discover the best email subject lines for sales

Increase email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates by incorporating these strategies into your sales email subject lines.

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So you’ve captured your recipient’s attention with a catchy, email subject line. Now you have to keep it — learn how.

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Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with a catchy follow up email subject line? Trust us, you are not the only one. Whether you need help crafting a follow up email subject line, or subject lines for cold emails, we have some tips and tricks to help you craft the best email subject lines for sales. We will go through best practices and strategies to make your emails more effective and cover lots of subject lines examples for all stages of the sales process like:

  • Introduction email subject line examples
  • Best cold email subject lines
  • Follow up email subject lines
  • Meeting request email subject lines
  • Referral and networking email subject lines


Email subject line best practices

Oftentimes we spend more time on crafting up effective email subject lines than the email itself. While this may seem frustrating, your follow up email subject line is critical. Typically the subject line serves as a first impression. It’s usually the determining factor of whether or not someone will open your email, especially if you are a stranger or reaching out cold. Remember these practices to create your email subject lines that get opened:

Be descriptive, but concise

Don’t stray away from the purpose of your email. You don’t have much space, so it’s best to be clear, direct, and to the point.

Add personalization

Personalizing email subject lines can increase open rates by 50%. Some ideas to personalize your subject line are using the recipient’s first name, providing an exclusive incentive, or referencing a problem the individual/company may be experiencing.

Keep them short

Make sure the subject line fits entirely in the frame. Best practices recommend keeping your email subject line length between 9 and 60 characters.

Include the word video

This one is our golden nugget. Add the word “video” to the subject line to increase open rates by 19%. For best success, place “video” towards the beginning of the subject.

Ask a question

Questions tend to spark curiosity. They need to be relevant and relatable to the individual. This could be in the form of pain points, a recent conversation you had, etc. Keep these open-ended questions so your recipient can’t immediately answer “no.”

Limit use of punctuation

Too many punctuation marks can make your email look like spam and decrease your open rates. Best practices recommend no more than 3 marks per subject line.

We are all always on the lookout for attention-grabbing subject lines for sales emails that increase open rates, engagement, and better yet, elicit a response. To quickly reiterate, the best email subject lines for sales should be short, clear, tailored, and personalized for the situation or individual.


Introduction email subject line

Typically a sales introduction email is sent early on in the sales process. In an introduction email, your goal is to inform your recipient about yourself, or your company. These are typically less “salesy” than traditional cold emails, and used more so to inform than to pitch a product or service. Sales introduction emails are often sent to reach out to some of your warmer leads that you may have already had brief contact with. Good email subject lines for introduction use a mix of the best practices listed above, whether that is using the word video, first names, or a question. Here a few examples:

  1. “I want to introduce myself with this video”
  2. “Hi, [Recipient’s Name], it`s [Your Name]!”
  3. “[Recipient’s Name], are you still having trouble with [Pain Point]?”


Cold email subject line

A cold email is when an email is sent to a recipient with who you have had no prior contact. It is typically sent to start a conversation about your product, service, or solution to their potential problem. It is comparable to a cold call. Since there is no relationship or prior contact, you will want to make the message more personalized to the individual, especially your cold email subject lines. Crafting good subject lines for cold emails can be frustrating and time-consuming. With these tips, yours don’t have to be. Make the subject line personalized, spark curiosity, and make it clear. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Can I help you with [Problem/Pain Point]?”
  2. “Hey, [Recipient’s Name], check this video out]”
  3. “Your Next Steps”


Follow up email subject line

Follow up emails are used throughout the sales process, from start to finish. They are vaguer and can be used for a number of different scenarios – you could be following up on a previous conversation, an unanswered email or call, the status of something, a meeting, etc. Sending effective follow up emails without spamming prospect’s inboxes is a struggle of many sales reps. The key is to have an attention-grabbing follow up email subject line for reconnecting email. Most people will decide to open or not open a follow up email based on the subject line. To help you get started with creating some killer follow up email subject lines, here are a few examples:

  1. “Let’s take another look”
  2. “Great meeting you [Recipient’s Name]”
  3. “I forgot to tell you…”


Meeting request subject line

Meeting request emails can be a little tricky, especially when trying to schedule a meeting for sales. It is important to do your research and make sure you have the right person and the person who can ultimately make the decision. These emails should be sent to your warmer leads, and they should be clear and provide reason or benefit. Even with a meeting request email, subject lines are still important. Check out these examples:

  1. “[Recipient`s Name], have time to talk”
  2. “Let’s chat about this”
  3. “Are you free [Proposed time]”


Reminder email subject lines

Reminder emails are exactly what they sound like, remind the recipient of an appointment, meeting, sale ending, or something of that nature. These are popular emails sent by businesses of all industries throughout the sales process. You most likely have received a few yourself. Depending on what the reminder is about, you want to create a sense of urgency and accountability. Here are a few email subject examples:

  1. “Sale of the year ends tomorrow”
  2. “[See/talk to] you tomorrow at [time]”
  3. “Don’t Miss Out”


Email subject lines for networking and referrals

Networking and referrals are a key part for any business of any size. These types of emails are equally as important. A networking email can be to spark a new relationship or expand on a pre-existing one. Make sure to do your research on the person you are trying to connect with, introduce yourself, and clearly state your reason for reaching out. Just like any other email, a subject line is going to be the determining factor of whether or not they open your email. Try something like this next time you are writing a networking email subject line:

  1. “College student looking for [Niche] Advice”
  2. “Fellow [College] Grad – Love To Connect”
  3. “Aspiring [Position] – Tell Me More”


Referral emails are very similar to networking ones. It is usually a cold outreach, but with some credibility already built. Asking for referrals is done at the end of the sales process and with warm leads. We will provide examples of subject lines for reaching out to referrals along with asking for them. Here are a couple of referral email subject line examples:

  1. “[Referral’s Name] Said To Reach Out”
  2. “[Referral’s Name] Thought You Would Be Interested”

A couple of subject line examples asking for a referral:

  1. “Refer A Friend For [Incentive]”
  2. “Your Friends Would Love Us Too”


Make sales email subject lines more effective with video

We touched on a variety of the best subject lines for sales throughout the different stages such as prospecting, proposals, or a follow up email subject line. No matter what stage, keep your subject lines short, personalized, descriptive, and spark curiosity. Most individuals decide to open or not open based on the subject line. funny email subject lines or catchy email subject lines can only get you so far, but personalization is key. This is why video emailing is so valuable and successful. It provides a sense of humanization and it is more inviting – especially for cold outreaches.

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