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An automotive marketing strategy that drives sales

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Drive more sales by including video in your car dealership marketing strategy. With video messaging, you will increase your contact ratio, appointment set-to-show ratio, and overall sales.

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Car Dealer Marketing Rundown

Video is such a powerful tool, especially when used in the automotive industry. With online automotive marketing trends and strategies including video, it is beneficial for dealerships to adopt these ideas. Video messaging is the best way to increase car sales, showroom traffic, and overall engagement. It is critical for dealers to shift with the market and understand the following bullet points to gage those shifts:

  • Automotive marketing solutions
  • Car dealership digital marketing ideas
  • Automotive marketing strategies
  • Future trends automotive industry
  • Technology trends in automotive industry


Automotive Marketing

95% of car sales happen at a dealership, however, most individuals begin their car buying journey online. Majority have now turned to the internet to find the right vehicle instead of originally visiting the dealership. This is why automotive marketing is so important, so many individuals are doing their own research online before stepping foot into the dealership. The goal of marketing is to bring in leads. It is the same thing for any auto dealer – marketing is to bring people into the dealership and sell more cars. Not only do you have traditional strategies to think about, but also digital marketing.

Automotive digital marketing has many different channels to take into account, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and email are just a few. These are now the initial points of contact with the majority of consumers researching and shopping online. Marketing to the consumer via digital has never been more demanding. Video is such an effective tool for any car dealership marketing plan. It keeps engagement at an all time high, the online process more humanized than ever, and the trust in tact.


Automotive Trends

Consumer behavior in the automotive industry has shifted significantly from what we have known the past few years. Many people now rely on the internet to gather information and do their research. This never used to be the case. Now, they can look up any information, video, picture, or review in a matter of minutes. Majority of customers do their research and make their decision before they’ve even stepped foot in the dealership. This is a shift from the normal car sales trends, where as before the consumer was fully reliant on the sales rep to provide information – which is what created some distrust between salesman and consumers. With video you can gain that trust back. Another important automotive trend is reviews. People are writing and reading views more now than ever. Gathering a nice base of customer testimonials will benefit your dealership.

Covid has really changed automotive industry trends. 2020 has significantly increased the need for a virtual car buying experience that many people are relying on and expecting from dealers. Covid has changed the way people buy and sell cars moving forward. Buying a car is a big deal. It is an emotional purchase that isn’t cheap. So, the best automotive marketing trends and strategies start with improving the car buying experience and building trust with each buyer. Incorporating video is the most effective way to achieve that trust and improvement. One of our experts can show you why video is on the list for rising automotive industry trends. This is something that your dealership does not want to miss out on. Schedule a call today to put your best foot forward!


Value of Video

Video throughout the sales and marketing process in dealerships is a rising trend. It is one of the best and most effective automotive digital marketing strategy to date. These videos should not be for the masses, they should be scaled down and personalized for individuals. Personalization is uber important. It builds trust with the customer and humanizes the rather automated digital era we find ourselves in today. Video can help you differentiate yourself, stand out from competitors, increase engagement, and is a great way to bring the dealership to the customer in the safety and convenience of their home!


Video Marketing Ideas for Car Salesman

With the shift of automotive market trends, 2020 has really challenged the old marketing ideas for car salesman. Customers are doing their research and shopping online before ever coming into the dealership. They are visiting only about 1 or 2 stores instead of 5 like they did 10 years ago. This is why video truly is the best auto marketing strategy to invest in. Here are a few use cases to improve your chances of your dealership being the one that the customer visits:


  • First Response to Internet Leads – Introduce yourself and your dealership to make a lasting, personalized impression.
  • Vehicle Walkarounds – Record and send a 360 degree walk around of a particular vehicle to highlight special features, color, and condition. Use it to showcase additional inventory on the lot.
  • Appointment Reminders – Send video reminders of an upcoming appointment to increase show rates. Relay any additional information that may be necessary, like Covid-19 precautions they may have to take while in the store.
  • Unsold Follow Up – Try to earn the prospect`s business by sending a personal follow up video email asking if they are still searching for a new vehicle.
  • Customer Thank Yous – The relationship doesn’t stop after the deal. Continue building the relationship after the transaction by sending a personalized thank you message and ask for any referrals.
  • Training – Record and send any demonstrations on how to operate special features, like GPS navigation, entertainment systems, and driver settings.


Video brings value to the sales and marketing process for both the customer and the dealership. It builds trust, speeds up the sales cycle, offers a personalized car buying experience for the customer, and increases car sales. Video should be part of your auto dealership marketing ideas and strategies.


Change Your Traditional Car Sales Email Template

Email is a major channel that is part of any sales and marketing strategy. Email can be used to reach a large number of people or a small number of individuals. With this channel being so impactful, it is important to find a strategy that makes it effective. Ditch the boring, plain text emails and start using video! The beauty of video emailing is the ability to be as creative as you want with the content. Send a personalized video to a prospect or a valued customer.

Tired of having to type out long emails? We get it, quickly record a video and send it. It doesn’t require you to search for automotive marketing companies and hire someone – these videos can be done in house because they are easy to make and are quick. Covideo provides dealers with a platform that makes recording, sending, and tracking these personalized videos effortless. Covideo was built for auto dealerships and is a market leader in the space. We understand the fast paced environment that makes up the auto world, which is why we created a mobile app. Continue sending automotive sales and marketing emails on the go. Use our mobile app to record and send from the convenience of anywhere!

With our new merging feature and our partnership with WheelsTV, you can now combine a personalized introduction video with a sleek, polished, professional vehicle walkaround. Using the two together creates the ultimate auto dealer email marketing strategy. Curios of what the best email template for car sales looks like? Download our ebook! It has a variety of car sales email templates to use if you’re just getting started with video. These are some real life examples of what other dealerships are doing!


Make Auto Marketing More Effective, Today

Adding video for auto marketing sales is a small adjustment that will have a major impact. Not sure when or how to use video effectively? Don`t worry, the team at Covideo will provide training, offer best practices, and insights so your dealership is prepared and can maximize the potential video has to offer. Incorporating video into your car sales marketing strategy will help your dealership accelerate sales, increase foot traffic and get leads in the door. You have access to all data and analytics, so you can track the success of each video you send out. Look no further for your next automotive marketing services, Covideo has everything you need and can provide superior training to make sure your dealership succeeds with video! Not sure if you are ready to take the next step quite yet? Then take Covideo for a test drive with our Start a free trialor request a demo to talk to an expert in the industry and on using video for auto marketing.


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