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Combine videos into one with Video Merge

Covideo’s new Video Merge feature allows you to easily combine videos together and create personalized videos at-scale.

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Combine video clips together at ease

Save time and effort by recording one-off messages, and combining them with perennial videos you use over and over. Now possible with our video merge feature.

Combine Videos With Covideo’s New Feature

This article will provide everything you need to know about how to combine videos and offer a simple method for you to do it online. Combining and merging videos has been a highly requested feature, and Covideo has it. It is available for all Covideo users on the website. More specifically, in this article we’ll cover:

  • Why combine videos?
  • How to combine two videos
  • How to combine multiple videos into one
  • The best video merger software
  • Combine video clips for free

Combine videos today with a  7 day free trial through Covideo.

Why combine videos into one?

Using video is on the rise – especially for businesses while people are home working remote. Recording and sending personalized videos is a relatively simple process but sometimes, you may want to combine video clips together to make it into one. There are plenty of options available but these typically require some sort of video editing skills and software like imovie. Learning how to combine videos on imovie or discovering how to combine videos on youtube is a time-consuming and complicated process that most people do not have the time for. If you’re sending multiple videos a day and trying to use platforms like these, it turns a simple process into a time-consuming and stressful task. Most people don’t want to mess around with this because these types of videos are meant to be quick and simple.

We have a great solution for you and a video merge feature that will allow you to combine two videos, or more, into one. It is a very simple and easy tool that no matter what level you are at with technology, you can still use it to combine videos with no headache. Before we get into how to add videos together, let’s talk through what the best video merging online platform is and how to combine videos.


The best online video merger

Are you looking for a platform that has a video merger app via phone or on a desktop? If so then, Covideo is exactly what you are looking for! Covideo is a personalized video emailing platform for all types of industries like automotive, education, banking, and more. Many of our customers use it in their sales, marketing, customer service, and corporate departments. These videos are not for the everyday run-of-the-mill email marketing content that spams people’s inboxes. These videos are all about standing out in the inboxes, making a human connection in this digital age, building trust when you can’t be face to face, making a great first impression for leads, and increasing sales. You can now add a face to a name with a smile, wave, and possibly a whiteboard.

We always recommend a whiteboard with the recipient’s name on it; it grabs their attention and makes the message even more personalized.

Covideo Special Features

Covideo is a top video combine software, an industry leader! We have many useful features that also separate us from our competitors. You can merge, trim, add video annotations, add captions, view tracking and analytics, have a custom landing page built, upload contacts to send emails directly from your account and so much more. With our new simple video merge, online with an account, feature you can trim the edges of multiple videos and merge them together into one video. It’s a simple solution that allows you to create personalized videos at scale.

For example, you can record a short personalized video for a prospect or a customer and personalize it so their name and company or specific problem/issue they experience is mentioned in the video. Then you can merge it together with another video like a how to video, a demo video, a product pitch, etc. It’s very easy to do.

Not only can you send these video emails from your account on our website, but also on your own email platform and CRM. With a Covideo account, you gain access to many different integrations and add-ins for Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, Salesforce, etc. All of these reasons and more is why Covideo is the best product on the market if you’re looking for a tool that you can record and merge videos online with. It’s easy to use no matter how novice or advanced your video skills are. Next, we will walk through how to put video clips together to make one video!


How to combine videos with Covideo

Let’s walk through how to combine videos on mac, on a pc and all desktop computers in general; the process and instructions is all the same. You will need to have a covideo account to do so, but if you don’t have one, you can sign up for a Start a free trial without having to add any credit card info.


Step by Step: How to combine videos into one


  1. First, make sure you are in Covideo 3.0 so that you can merge videos. Not sure if you’re in 3.0? Your video library should look like the one below. To learn more how to switch into Covideo 3.0, we will walk you through it in #2.


  1. If you’re already in Covideo 3.0, move onto step #3. To switch your back office from Covideo Classic to Covideo 3.0, click on “Switch to Covideo 3.0”. It is located on the grey toolbar at the top of your screen.


  1. Click “Merge Videos” to combine videos, two or more, from your Covideo library.


  1. Then, select the videos you want to merge. You’ll be able to choose videos from any of your folders.


  1. Once you’ve selected your videos, click “Add Videos.”


  1. Now you have the ability to merge two videos (or more) together, trim the beginning and/or end of each video, and switch the order in which they will play. Reorder your videos by dragging them up or down, and trim them by dragging the bar for each respective video left to right. You can also add and remove videos from your editing screen.


  1. If one of your videos is particularly long, you can adjust your view to see the entire trimming bar by zooming in and out.


  1. When you’re satisfied, click the orange “Save” button, rename and save your new merged video.


  1. Your new video will then show up at the top of your video library and – once it’s done processing – it’s ready to be shared!


Ta da! And that’s how to put two videos together using Covideo! It’s a very easy and fairly simple process. To combine videos, mac or pc, is the same, follow the instructions above. Just make sure you’re using the latest version of Covideo (3.0) to see and use the feature. Remember, once you merge your video you can send it via email, post to social, text, or upload on youtube. The options are endless!

Schedule a demo to see Covideo record, share, track, and combine videos.

Combine videos online for free

Now, you should know how to combine video clips together to make one video. Just to quickly recap, Covideo is a simple solution to combine multiple videos into one, but the video tool does so much more. To merge videos online, free, you will need to login to your Covideo account. You will see the “Merge Videos” button at the top right of the page. From there, select the videos you want to merge by clicking the box next to the video. Once you have selected the desired videos hit the “add videos” button. It’s that quick and easy! You won’t need video editing software or skills to do it.

Covideo makes all their features so user-friendly that even beginners with no previous knowledge can use it. You might be wondering how to do it using our mobile app. You can directly merge, or combine videos, from the Covideo app, there is a way to still combine mp4 files even if the app is all you use!

All videos upload to a video library which you can access from a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. So, if you use the mobile app you can still see your videos online. Your online account is where you will merge them together. The other option to merging directly from your mobile device is to use an outside app. FilmoraGo, Quik, and Videoshop are a few popular ones. We encourage you to put your skills to action, no matter how novice or advanced they are.

Try to merge video-free online with our  7 day free trial. You can get instant access to the platform and record and send unlimited videos during your Start a free trial time. You will also get access to all our standard features so you can merge audio and video, using video annotation, download our mobile app, combine videos, and more! Click here to get started!


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