New Live Conference & Live Presentation Features

Improved video quality tops an impressive list of product upgrades!
W. Lafayette, IN – Nov. 13, 2009 – Covideo is releasing (in beta) an upgraded version of their Live Conference and Live Presentation products. Beginning November 16, 2009, Covideo customers can access the beta versions when creating a meeting or presentation by selecting the option from a drop-down menu.
The top-to-bottom feature improvements are designed to offer an enhanced experience for Covideo users.
Elevated video quality, polished seating arrangements, profile login capability, adjustable video stream quality, and refined feature windows are just the beginning of the story.
Conference and Presentation are now combined so that changes made in one carry over to the other for seamless transitions. Covideo CEO Ed Mugg says, “The focus is on improving the entire meeting experience, making it easier than ever to engage in video communications.”
Changing a seat or enlarging a presenter screen can be done in a single step.  Additional features such as an expandable text chat field, camera setting link, and background color choices round out the new Live Conference and Live Presentation products.  Covideo will issue an overview video on the 16th to coincide with the beta release.
Founded by two Purdue University graduates and located in the Purdue Research Park, Covideo is a five-year provider of business-class streaming video products.
The company continues to innovate and develop products that help customers build relationships, save time and money, and increase sales.

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