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POV – Point of View videos are the rage with extreme sports enthusiasts.  Capturing the exhilaration of ski jumping, snowboarding, windsurfing and other adventure sports from the athlete’s perspective is a video thrill ride like no other.  Armchair viewers can almost feel the icy snow hitting their face as a extreme skier races headlong down a steep, rugged slope through trees and other hazards.  This part-of-the-action viewpoint has proven very effective for extreme athletes promoting themselves and their sports, with an individual POV video garnering views in the 10’s or even 100’s of thousands.
Cameras from GoPro and Contour are a large part of the POV success story.  Their compact size, quality HD video, durable encasement and waterproofing, make it possible to shoot great action videos in nearly any environment.   An excellent assortment of mounts is available for both GoPro and Contour cameras including: helmet, bike, flat surface, flex strap, hat, scuba, hand, surf and roll bar.  The variety of mounts give athletes greater freedom in choosing perspective angles, upping the interest level in videos.
Once the video is shot, the real tale is told in the editing.  Here are some suggestions.
1.  Select the right editing software.  Determine your needs then research software options before purchasing.  Top Ten Reviews offers a nice comparison of the latest video editing software.
2.  Watch video length.  Many videos are too long or have long segments from the same angle.  If viewers drop off before the video is over you haven’t done a good job of entertaining them.
3.  Switch up camera angles.  Make use of multiple-mount perspectives of the action.  Cut from one angle to another to inject visual interest.
4.  Tell a story.  Layout angle shots to create sequences that unfold into a cohesive and compelling story.
5.  Match the music.  Carefully select music, then edit clips to match the phrasing and rhythm as closely as possible.  The final result will appear more polished when music and imagery are in sync.
6.  Review the video.  When you think you’re done editing, watch the video several times.  If something doesn’t hit you right, correct it.  If everything looks good, get it rendered and sent out!
POV videos not only spotlight amazing athletic feats, but they are also often set in awe-inspiring and majestic locations.  When the backdrop is as impressive as the sport, consider the surrounding terrain when choosing camera angles and mounting options to maximize visual intensity.
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