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Must-do's for every listing you take

Over 60% of all agent business is derived from referrals and repeat business because people seek out agents they know, like, trust, or are referred to. That is why every agent wants a long and trouble-free relationship with his clients, but they often don’t put themselves in their clients’ shoes. Whichever big decision is made, there is always the opportunity cost which leads to a ‘what if’ question. What if the time is not right, what if there is something better on the market, what if I made a mistake… It’s just a continuous bad movie. Buyers’ remorse is like a glass wall that obstructs your clients to hear you. To create a strong relationship, you have to crash that wall. We bring you three must do’s in your listing video that will help you do it.

   1. Show them you won’t let them down

Only 10% of your communication is based on the actual content. That is why the way you say something will help you more to crash the buyer’s remorse than what you say. Sending a personalized ‘Thank you’ video will not only distinguish you from your competition but will also create a memorable experience for you. Recording ‘Thank you for choosing me’ in the sea of the real estate agents and ‘I won’t let you down’ videos, will boost their confidence about making a good decision. Always keep in mind, people don’t remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel. This is why a listing video is a perfect solution for you!

   2. Let someone else sing your praises

Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Most of the time, it is the tool that brings you a new listing. No one likes people that brag about themselves, but when someone else sings your praises, it is called social proof and it helps to assure your clients that they made a good decision. That is why your broker or a manager should send them an email or, even better, a video email testimonial in which they will testify about years of your service and dedication.

   3. Schedule regular follow up sequences

When you are doing a listing video, the smartest step you can do is to ask your seller about their preferred frequency and preferred method of follow up on their property. Why? Well, first of all, that will eliminate misunderstanding and lack of communication. Secondly, it will help them to see you as someone who wants to engage them in the process which will create faith in you.

When it comes to property selling, one puzzle alone doesn’t create the success picture without the hundreds of others. The relationship with your customers is the glue that holds all these pieces together. What are you doing to strengthen these relationships? By creating a listing video, the relationship with your customers will become stronger. 

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