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Video is Changing the Way We Buy Cars

Video in the automotive industry contains emotions and information. So, it’s no wonder people are now choosing it over any other form of advertising. With more than 230 million views, automotive branded videos are the 4th most viewed category worldwide. These numbers will only grow as most car dealerships keep investing in this type of content. Not only can you create the best marketing videos for new cars on the market, you can also use a video platform to communicate with potential buyers and inform them about their “dream machine”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car or a used one, your buyer needs all the information he can get from you. Can you think of a better way to communicate than through video?


Smart marketing leads to more sales

To create a good video in the automotive industry, you have to focus on what your customers want and need from you. They want a salesperson that will guide them through the sales process. Moreover, they want someone who will give them all the information they need. Using video to communicate with your potential buyers will improve the quality of information you are providing. Your buyers will be more confident to talk to someone they can see. Especially if that person can send them videos of the cars they are interested in.

This way you will save your customer’s time and provide him with the most accurate information. Smart marketing in the automotive industry has its focus on time-saving, cost-effective, and personal tools. These tools will change the way customers engage with the salesperson from the dealership as well as the entire car buying experience. Video in the automotive industry is definitely one of the smart solutions!

What about virtual reality?

In 2016, affordable virtual reality headsets hit the consumer market. But, pretty much nobody had a clue where this new technology would take the automotive industry. However, it quickly became a trend in other industries. Virtual reality revealed exciting new ways for automotive companies to engage with their customers. Actually, the world of cars has been very determined to make the best of this new technology. To do so, they started creating experiences that allow customers to be immersed in brands or interact with cars in completely new ways. Now it is even possible to virtually test drive the latest models.


Predictions for the future

Therefore, predictions for virtual reality and how it will transform the way people experience and buy cars are very positive. Who knows what the future holds for car lovers and video users! One thing is for sure, videos in the automotive industry will be part of that future!


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