Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Video Messages in 6 Steps

Closing the deal, connecting with loyal clients, or trying to make a great first impression requires impeccable communication. The way we consume content is changing, so with that, we also need to adapt to the way it’s being delivered. A video message is a great place to start. Professionals from various departments and industries are learning how video messages will make them stand out in the inbox.

Using video is one of the best ways to spark interest amongst an audience. No longer do videos need to be professionally produced in order to send powerful messages, you can now quickly record in the click of a button on your smartphone, computer, and on a video message app.  Send a message with a clear purpose and a touch of personalization, and you’re far ahead than where a traditional email would get you. 

Make your video messages efficient and effective with these helpful hints that outline the best way to record a video message. 

1. Outline your video message for clear communication

In order to deliver a great message, you want to make sure that your communication is crystal clear. Luckily, video works to your advantage here as your nonverbal cues account for fewer misinterpretations  compared to when using plain text alone. Regardless, you still want to hammer your main point for the most effective messages. Before you hit record, draft a few bullet points of what you want to cover to  help guide you through your video. This will ensure that you’ve touched upon everything you wanted to. Don’t, we repeat, do not write word-for-word everything you want to say and try to quickly memorize it in your head. 

2. Ditch the script and practice authenticity 

Reading from a script often sounds rehearsed and impersonal. When you speak on the fly, the delivery naturally comes across as more sincere, genuine, and authentic. You can most definitely run through what you want to say ahead of time, and there’s always the option to delete your video and redo it if you weren’t satisfied with take one. But, we’re here to remind you that no video will never be 100% perfect, so don’t get too caught up in trying to create a flawless video. After all, those mistakes and imperfections remind your prospects and customers that you’re human and show your authenticity. 

3. Establish a connection by personalizing your video message 

The beauty of personalized video messages is their created specifically for the individual. These are one-off videos that truly show that you are putting in the effort to recognize their needs and speak directly to them, as opposed to sending out mass email campaigns. A touch of personalization can go a long way when trying to capture their attention and build a connection. Write the recipient’s name on a whiteboard and hold it up at the start of the video. Their eyes will immediately be drawn to that image when opening up their email. Reference a previous conversation, or offer a solution that relates specifically to a problem they face. 

Pro tip: Not sure where to look when recording videos? Looking directly into your webcam while speaking mimics the action of making eye contact. This enables you to build a connection with the recipient and can improve message retention.

4. Keep your video message short to maximize engagement

The length of your video will depend entirely on its purpose. Consider the context of the situation – but generally speaking, the shorter the better. For example, limit cold sales outreach videos to 30 seconds or less, highlighting only the essentials to peak their interest. But, as prospects move further through the sales process, it makes sense to record a longer follow-up that relays important details and next steps. Still limit these videos to 2, maybe 3 minutes max. 

5. Offer a solution to the problem at hand

All customers are looking for a better solution. Video, more than any other medium, allows you to empathize with others, express your understanding of the issue at hand and showcase your knowledge. Use video to your advantage when offering a solution. This helps build your legitimacy and customer trust, which are essential for closing a sale.  

6. Drive action from viewers by outlining next steps

If your recipient is watching your video, then the hardest part is over – you’ve caught their attention. Now, they now have their eyes and ears on your message and are taking the time to hear you out. Be sure to include one clear call to action (CTA) in your video so the viewer knows exactly what you want them to do next. This helps drive engagement and sets clear next steps. Using a video email platform like Covideo lets you include customizable CTA buttons with your video, so all the viewer has to do is click the button and they’ll be taken where you want them to go (your home page, purchase page, inventory, you name it). If you’re interested in learning more about Covideo, video email and how to record a video message on pc or your mobile device, we have everything you need to know here. 

Take advantage of the power of video messages

Video has the power to open the door to new sales opportunities, establish genuine connections with prospects, and close more deals.  Narrowing in on these elements will help maximize the effectiveness of video messaging for business.

If you’re not already using personalized video or a video prospecting software for your outreach, click here and someone from Covideo would love to show and tell you more about the impact it has on your business. Or, sign up on your own today with a free trial – it’s totally free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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