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Realtors that tell stories sell more properties

Everyone in business wants a better connection with their clients, but if you are a realtor, you know that relationships with your clients are the only thing that can lead to closing the deal. To improve that relationship, agents are engaging their clients by using video communication. Basically, they are providing their existing and potential clients with real estate video stories. Your clients are treated as they should be, we give you five quick and easy marketing tips which will help you find that next home buyer.

1. Real estate video stories

Your buyers need to hear a compelling story. Nobody wants to listen to a list of endless information which will be forgotten once the conversation is over. Yes, buying a property is a huge step in your client’s life, but don’t treat your clients like robots who will memorize everything you say. Treat them like humans because humans love stories. Don’t expect a pitch-focused video will make your clients come running to you. They won’t. Take your time and think about the feelings you want to evoke in your clients, what are they searching for in a property, what are they like, etc. Think about whether this is their first purchase or they have done this before, it is highly important to know what your home seekers are looking for. Young families who are buying their first house will look for stability and affordable prices, whereas established ones will look for something completely different. 

2. That is ‘WOW’!

Every real estate agent loves that moment when he is presenting the property to the potential buyer and his buyer becomes speechless and overwhelmed with joy. It is not just up to the property to create that ‘wow’ factor, it is up to you. Think of every little detail that makes that house special. Maybe it’s a cozy window seat in the bedroom or beautiful island in an open kitchen. Think of each room as presenting an area that is unique and special. A recorded walk in the backyard could be showing a place where your client’s family will gather on weekends and enjoy the barbecue. Record property walkaround and emphasize those things you want clients to remember after watching the video.

3.  Be aware of the background sounds

You just arrived at the property you are selling and you hear loud music coming from the neighbors’ house. Of course, it’s not the best day to record a video for your clients. The first video of the property needs to provide your clients with as much information as possible. Background noise will affect your concentration and the quality of the video itself. There can be lots of factors that could mislead your clients to get the wrong impression of the property. Be aware that every detail seen in that video plays a part in the decision-making process. It’s better to wait for better timing than to record a video with the background noise. Our second video marketing tip was a ‘wow’ effect, not the ‘woof’ effect!

4. Do it in 10 minutes or don’t do it all!

You know your clients are busy just like you. This is why your property walkaround video should be under 10 minutes. Let’s be honest, you can say everything you want in 10 minutes. The only thing you have to know is what you want to point out. It’s better to keep it short and have your clients watch the entire video than recording in a 20-minute video. If you are responding to leads, try to keep it between a minute or two. Answer the questions or concerns from your potential buyer’s inquiry and keep the conversation going and set the next steps. You can invite them to send you a list of their wishes or just call you so you can have a better understanding of their needs.

5. Call your clients to action

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, your videos need to have a call to action. It doesn’t matter if it is your first video recorded for the client if it’s a property walk around. Even if it’s just responding to a few last questions the client has before making this decision, you have to include the ‘CTA’. Don’t forget to say what your desired next steps are as this will also help buyers move along in the process. But first, you have to be sure what you want your clients to do next. Even if you are only sending them a ‘Thank you’ video, you can invite them to follow you on your social media accounts or sign up for your newsletter. It’s pretty simple. If you want your clients to act, you got to initiate the next steps.

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