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The 5 Blog Posts That Caught Your Eye the Most in 2018

2019 has arrived and is ready to gift us with another exciting trip around the Sun!
We want to look back on everything we’ve worked on and accomplished in 2018, so today we’re bringing you our 5 best blog posts from last year!
The principal purpose of writing our blog is to assist you in getting all the necessary info on how to use video as your marketing tool.
You can also find out how a video platform can aid you in transforming the way you communicate with people who are important to you, and finally – how to actually record a video that will meet all of your needs!
We also like bringing you the freshest and juiciest trends in the automotive, real-estate and b2b communities.
That way, we ought to keep you up-to-date and ready to combat any possible challenge that might emerge.
Are you ready to stroll down the blog-memory lane with us?  Grab a cup of coffee, sit tight and enjoy our most viewed and top rated topics in 2018!

1. Horizontal vs vertical videos

We are sure you have heard of the all-known debate of using horizontal VS vertical video that was going on during the last year. 
There are many theories about why one beats the other, but we have gathered everything that might come in handy to better understand which one to use and when.
Check out our Horizontal Vs. Vertical Videos article from September to find out all about the pros and cons of both options as well as tips and tricks, with a dash of futuristic predictions!

2.  5 steps to overcoming camera anxiety

Let’s say you’re planning to record and create captivating videos for your business or personal life…
But, you find yourself trembling a bit whenever the time to hit the record button is?
Just the thought of hearing your own voice on a recording gives you goosebumps?
Do you feel cringy and awkward while sitting there and talking to yourself?
Don’t worry, we have the right antidote for everything mentioned!
Let’s move on to our next most-read article on how to overcome the infamous, notorious and ill-framed camera anxiety!
Here you can find all the useful hints, ideas and clues on how to stop breaking up a sweat when recording a video and enjoy the process!

3. How to create good personalized videos

Once you’ve learned how to hold your horses in front of the camera, you’ll want to create videos that will make a strong impression.
Video can be influential in your sales processes, business, and marketing strategies so you might want to learn how to create a good one.
Creating the perfect personalized video will be effortless once you check out our pointers from last year!

4. Automotive: 4 steps to increase your sales

Video has resulted in one of the most helpful tools when it comes to sales.
People like to buy from those that they trust, so a short, but interesting video with you highlighting the most important topics you need to discuss works as a perfect option.
Read our article on how to increase your sales in the automotive industry in just 4 simple steps.

5. Email can hurt your career

And finally, we wanted to let you know how to properly use one of the most common forms of communication: email.
In our article, dramatically named Email can hurt your career, we’ve thoroughly explained how to best to express everything you need to say.
People tend to send emails that have no particular sense, without powerful expressions, emotion, character or point whatsoever.
That kind of mail always gets neglected and ignored, without any reply and eventually forgotten, lost somewhere around the running brooks of the spam folder.
We taught how to change that and ultimately improve your email experience.

And finally…

We hope this article will come in handy to you just as they did to many readers before, and that they will support you in bringing a fresh start to your business.
As overwhelmed as one can get, we are already looking forward to writing more compelling and on-point articles, which will help you to fall in love with video.
Thank you for all your reads, scrolls, clicks and saves throughout the last year!
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