502, 2016

What types of businesses can profit from video marketing?

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Why on Earth are videos so popular and why are they taking the online marketing world by storm? Surely you know it’s impossible to pick […]

2901, 2016

Why Realtors should be using Video Email for their marketing

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If you are a real estate agent looking to grow your business, video email is going to be one of your game-changing tactics! Put together […]

1401, 2016

Here are the video marketing trends for 2016

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The new year is upon us! Looking at 2015 in the rear view mirror it’s plain to see how much video marketing has grown. As […]

601, 2016

So, WHAT do you actually say in your video marketing email?

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Now that you have decided to try out video marketing, the next step is figuring out what kind of videos or content you can use. […]

401, 2016

Best video marketing strategies for startups

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When you think about it’s easy to see how online marketing has become a ferocious jungle in the last couple of years. Videos have taken […]

1612, 2015

These are the benefits of video marketing

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Videos are a very important segment of the world wide web and that fact doesn’t apply to the entertainment industry only. As a marketing tool, […]

1512, 2015

Millennials love video marketing and you should too

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Why is video so important? Because 80% of millennials use video to help them decide which products to purchase.

Brands that successfully market to millennials are […]

112, 2015

Here are some video marketing mistakes you should avoid

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There’s a simple truth out there. Consuming content by watching a compelling video is a lot easier than reading about it. You’ve probably heard about […]

1811, 2015

You’re Go-To Guide to Sharing Videos on Every Social Media Channel

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We know the social media struggle can be challenging for even the most Twitter savvy of us so we’ve brought you a guide to ease […]

1811, 2015

8 fantastic tips to help you get started in video marketing

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It’s not a coincidence that video is quickly becoming the most popular marketing tool. Producing a video wasn’t always a cheap affair but today you […]